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    Default Pre-Check in issues

    Trying to pre check in for our arrival at CTI in 3 weeks. Have managed to register for romance rewards but when I click on the pre-check in link from the website I just get a message saying connection has been lost. Tried it on phone, tablet and PC using Safari and then Internet Explorer but still doing same thing! Any idea why this is happening? or how I could pre-check in?

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    First, don't panic. The pre check in is not a mandatory requirement. We have never done the pre check in thing and we always managed to successfully check in at the front desk when we arrived at the resort. Nearly everything that you do for the pre check in can be done at the front desk at CTI. All the pre check in does is to expedite the check in process slightly. But it usually only takes about 10 minutes or so to check in at the front desk.

    You save a little time with the pre check in as the front desk will already have much of the information that you would normally put on the check in forms. If you are a repeat guest you can request your gift. You can make special requests, but you can make these same requests at the front desk. You can make your selections for your mini bar. But your mini bar wouldn't get stocked until after you actually arrive at the resort as they would not know your room number. We simply fill out the mini bar form as soon as we get to our room and place it on our door and it will usually get stocked later in the day.

    A possibility. Did you register for Romance Rewards then immediately try to do the pre check in? It is very possible that it may take a day or so for your Romance Rewards account to be fully processed. It could be like this forum where a human must actually approve the information going into this account. Wait a day or so and try again. You can do this up to 3 days before the day you arrive at the resort for the pre check in.

    I actually intended to do the pre check in thing on our last trip to Couples. I procrastinated and tried to do this at 2 1/2 days. The website would not let me do it. No problem. Just did everything at check in at the front desk as usual. Maybe next time.

    Enjoy your trip to paradise.

    Only 222 more days until we return to Couples.

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    I did my pre check in today and had no problems. Try again.

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    Try going to Internet Explorer, clearing your 'cookies', and see what happens. I cannot access it through Chrome nor Safari.

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