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    I've been retired for more than ten years, but I continue to work. Four days a week, from 7am to 11am. When we get our weekly delivery of merchandise for the store, I go in at 5am until 10am. Just enough hours each week to get me up in the morning and out fo the house. Otherwise, I might begin to lose interest in life. Then I would sleep late every day, maybe go without showering, not shave for a few days. Just become this sloth of a human. Retirement can do that to a person. With every day being almost endless and without some direction or a task or something to keep you sharp every day, apathy takes over.
    A lot of people get to retirement and their favorite saying is "There's always tomorrow".

    I disagree. By the time you reach retirement age, your tomorrows are somewhat limited.
    So if you allow that mentality to sink in, you're a goner. While there are indeed endless tomorrows suddenly bestowed upon you after all those years of dedicated service. What ever it was that you did. But, believe me, without some continued ongoing structure and limit setting, the human species can quickly fall apart.
    Think about it. For most of your entire life, that's "entire life", you have lived in a world run by the movement of time. Along with limits on just about everything. You know when to eat, sleep, work and countless other human actions. Because time dictated your actions. You couldn't just sleep as long as you wanted too, and still keep your job. You couldn't come and go as y ou please on most days, there were limits. Tasks needed to be performed, obligations had to be met. You are not your own person.

    Then the day arrives when you are no longer a working member of society. No more 9-5, traffic jams, long commutes, long boring meetings. Also missing from your life will be all the people that you left at work. Friends and associates. That will have an effect on you too. But for the time being, just long lazy days on the pond fishing. Hours to climb and hike. some time on the bike with the wind in your face. Catch up on those projects that you just haven't had time for. Finish a book. Or just hang around the house and drive your partner, who has not yet retired, absolutely crazy.

    For now, there is no timetable. There are no limits. You can do what you want when you want it. It sounds pretty good. But trust me, it gets old pretty fast.
    Here, we are taking a human that uis used to timetables and structure and discipline from the moment they were born. Then suddenly saying to thai hapless individual, "No more rules. No timetable. No structure or discipline what so ever.

    It's not as easy as it looks.

    Real every day life has a rhythm and everyone, dances to it and we all live by it. Whether we like it or not. There is a cadence woven into the fabrics that we wear as we travel through life. It brings us comfort and familiarity. The repetitions of each passing day, neatly ticking and tocking the hours away. We are all creatures of habit. And time lets us know when we can display any or all of those habits. Time is an unrelenting taskmaster. And while it may seem dull and mundane, the consistency and repetition of each day can be reassuring. We know where we are suppose to be and what we should be doing.

    In our day to day existence, time is the most important factor that we must learn to manage. Just about everyone is always trying to make some, save some, sometimes you lose some, tick tick tick. This is our world. High energy. Stressful. Full of pressures, real or imagined.
    This is what many of us have to contend with all the days of our lives. Constantly having to be here or there, doing this or that. Most of what we might call our "free" time, is spent shopping, fixing, making, doing, going and coming. We each deal with everything in our path in many different ways in order to make it through a long day's journey into night.
    Okay. All of the above is pretty much just a way of life. This is the Yin. So what is the Yang? Something big enough and wonderful enough to offset what we all have to cope with.

    That's easy. Couples. So simple. So definitive and elegant. So all encompassing.

    The mere mention of the corporate name is enough to bring a smile to your face.I can tell. You're smiling. The precious fleeting moments that we spend at our favorite tropical retreat gives T I M E a whole new persona. The hectic jangled distorted rhythm we slave by doesn't work in Jamaica. Nothing seems to have any semblance of reality as we knew it.
    It doesn't take the body very long to adapt to the miraculous change taking place. A new bright happy rhythm courses through your body. People are smiling everywhere you look. There are no loud noises, honking horns, ringing telephones. No deadlines or schedules. Just serenity and calm. Pleasing surroundings. Relaxed.

    The air is hot and humid with tropical sizzle. The warm blue-green ocean waters pushing wave after wave onto the beach. Soft sand between your toes. Its been way too long.
    The days and nights are filled with delectable edible treasures. A most wonderful, comfortable, and peaceful existence. All of our places in the sun.
    Regardless of how many days we may get to spend in paradise, it will never be enough. However, I am still very grateful for each and every moment I spent laughing and talking with old friends and new. I am overjoyed at the amount of time Syl and I can actually be together. It's heartwarming to be able to catch up on the lives of the many staff members that we consider friends.

    Real life has its ups and downs. But there is no escaping the fact that in order to spend time at Couples, we must endure our own personal trials and tribulations. So regardless of the stuff that we have to do, or the people we have to put up with, or a zillion other things that we come up against every day, here's a tip to help make it through all those times. Find thirty seconds where ever you are, even in the car, and just whisper Couples. Say it a few times. I guarantee that it will bring a smile to your face. And you can do this as many times as you wish. Every time you whisper, Couples, a little grin appears out of nowhere. You take a deep breath and let out a littld satisfying sigh. Mmmmmmmmm

    Now you understand why you are working. You have purpose and direction. Nothing will stand in your way. You are empowered.

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    a really, really well written post that yes did put a smile on my face. back to the grind now but a little bit happier and alittle bit lighter

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    Thanks dwayneh I'm glad it brought a smile to your face.

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    Terrific post. Technically I retired as a University Professor last May, but I've had a side business designing and manufacturing electronic devices for 10 years before that and now I'm doing it full time. It sounds a little like your story of retiring but not really retiring. I suspect that you are doing this because it gives purpose and order to your life. Me too. Finally I'm working for me and no one else. Perhaps someday we will meet at Couples and have a drink together. It would be a merry meeting!

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    Inthersun I look forward to meeting you. We are usually there April and November. Working does give purpose to every day. And working for yourself can be a joy at this point in your life. Stay well.


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