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    Default Wedding documents question

    Hi - Once Couples are in receipt of birth certificates etc, does anyone know how long it normally takes for them to process and receive the marriage license?

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    Not sure what you mean, but you have to have all of your documents to Couples at least 30 days prior to your arrival. Once you are married it can take up to 8 weeks to get your actual certificate.

    However, they give you a document that you can use, at least in the States, to make all of your legal changes.

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    I understood that once they receive the documents they then apply for the license for the marriage to take place at the Resort(I don't mean the marriage certificate) Maybe I'm completely wrong though???
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    Since this is a task handled by Couples staff, people on the MB likely won't be able to provide an answer (unless one of the moderators want to weigh in). Are you thinking of perhaps getting married but have no definite plans and want to know how late you could submit documents and still get a license? If so, perhaps you should contact the wedding planner. She would probably be in a better position to provide the information you seek.
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