Ok we just got back from getting married at CSA! I know I loved it when other girls would post their wedding photography so I could see examples of the photographers work. After heavy researching we went through Diana and Richard at digitalmemoriescollection.com. Their fees are very reasonable and they made me feel very comfortable from the first time they called. I am beyond pleased with their work for my wedding photos and video. They were exceptional in their work and service. I couldn’t have imagined my wedding without the two of them; I cannot praise them enough. I would recommend them to any bride in Jamaica! On the wedding day they spent as much time as we wanted and did all the shots that we requested. My poor husband was literally melting away and they seriously had to wipe his head every minute, poor guy can’t take the heat. The second day we went to the falls. This was a beautiful and fun experience. I just can’t put into words how grateful and how much I appreciate these two doing my wedding. If you want to check out a couple of pictures I will post a link. If anyone would like to see more just let me I have over 300 pictures from the wedding. Oh and I think a couple of them I took so if they aren’t of the wedding those are my poor photography skills  Good luck to all you brides!