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    If you book through a travel agent do you still get $175 credit??

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    Yes. They will have to get those credits added to your stay when they book it for you but yes, you still get them.

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    Oh bummer I didn't think of this! We booked through so I assume we don't get the credits? Be there in 23 days!

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    We always book through a travel agent and we always get the Resort Credits. I don't think it matters where you book your trip to get the resort credits.

    Suggestion. Sign up for the Romance Rewards Program on the Couples website. Many of us who go to Couples find ourselves returning over and over and over... There are some extra perks for returning guests. About 30 days after you return from your stay check the Romance Rewards website to make sure you received credit for your stay. If something goes wrong and your trip wasn't registered, you can contact the resort to have this fixed.

    With the Romance Rewards program you can also expedite your check in by doing the pre check in. This is not a mandatory requirement. You can do everything you can do with the pre check in at the front desk at the resort. It just saves a little bit of time.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise

    Only 222 more days until we return to Couples

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