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    Default Joe and Jo Lynn's Wedding; CSS; 4-21-09

    FABULOUS EXPERIENCE! Thank you, CSS for making our wedding beautiful, meaningful, and stress free! God has blessed me with a wonderful husband, and equally as wonderful was our wedding-moon experience @ CSS!!!!
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    Jo Lynn,
    Great pictures! Thanks for letting us be a part of your wedding day. We miss you guys! We hope to see you again sometime. We are going back to Jamaica for 2 weeks in Jan. 2010. Jan. 16-23 at CTI and Jan. 23-30 at CSS!
    Sue and Adolph from Wisconsin
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    Sue and Adolph, I am soooo glad you guys are going back. You deserve it! We had the best time with ya'll. What a cute picture! January would be the perfect time to go back with these winters. Take care......I know you are countin' down the days!!!!

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    First congratulations!

    WOW! fabulous pictures! you look gorgeous! may I ask who your photographer was? they are the best wedding pictures I have seen from CSS.

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    Default Gorgeous!

    WOW.. Those pictures are amazing! My fiancee and I are planning a 2010 wedding and have been leaning towards CSS as our spot, after those pictures, I think I may have decided! The photographer captured you guys beautifully! Which photographer did you use?! Thank you!


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    getting married at css in may. Photos are very important to me. I would love to know who took your pictures. Thank you!!!

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    Dear Suzanne and Ashley, First of all I appreciate the kind words. Secondly, I used Stacey Clarke and was extremely impressed. She was a joy to work with and I feel that she did a great job of capturing our personalities and what we wanted. I am very very picky, and she exceeded my expectations. Good luck to each of you in your marriages and God Bless!!!!!!

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