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    Default Waterskiing at CSA

    Hi all;

    Has anyone been waterskiing at Swept Away lately?

    I just wanted to find out which boat they are using and if it is currently working. Last time I was there they were using the "Boston Whaler", and the time before that, no working ski boat at all! I keep hoping to find a shiny new MasterCraft waiting to greet me, but that hasn't happened in many years. (check out the Mastercraft graveyard behind the tennis courts). I get very jealous everytime I get buzzed by the Beaches (real) Ski Boat.

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    I was at CSA the last 11 days in May and yes, they were using the Boston Whaler. I am up in years (nearly 56) and hadn't skiied in 12 years but had no problem,
    pulled up easily on first attempt. Looks aren't everything, the boat has plenty of power.

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