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    Is it permissible to paddle over to Booby Cay?

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    In very general terms, the lifeguards at the Couples resorts don't want you to go beyond their sight.

    It would be kind of a long paddle to Booby Cay. It is just under 2 miles, about 2.9 km taking the most direct route. It would take about an hour each direction give or take for someone in decent physical condition. If the surf is the least bit rough, even longer.

    Suggestion. Wait until you get to CSA and ask the people working the Water Sports shack.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise

    Only 235 more days until we return to Couples

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    Good tip. I'll certainly check with them.
    I was asking partly because I was curious if landing on the island is allowed or if it is a protected nature reserve.

    I've seen Booby Cay across the water for many years from Long Bay and Bloody Bay but have never visited it. Its on my list.
    I'll check when I get there... heck they'll probably offer to take me over.

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    They don't even want the Hobie Cats way over there. When we were near Booby on the Glass Bottom Boat trip they "suggested" that a couple get their Cat back to CSA.

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