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    Default Half day Appleton Tour?

    I know many folks take a whole day to ride the Black River Cruise, visit YS Falls, and do the Appleton tour.
    But does anyone offer a half day Appleton tour only?
    My bride and I did the falls and crocodile cruise on a previous visit.

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    I am sure that you can arrange for a private tour with the Tour Desk at CN - we had a private driver last year for YS Fall, Appletons, and Pelican Bar.

    If you were to go in the afternoon, I would highly suggest adding the Pelican Bar after Appleton's - you can have a snack of freshly cooked fish, enjoy a beer sitting on the deck of the driftwood bar, and watch an excellent sunset.

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    We did a half day at Appleton's from CN. We were the only ones who signed up and Black River/YS were closed that day. We enjoyed the Appleton tour.

    Duane & Mary

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