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    Default Which Deluxe Garden building do you prefer at CN?

    We are returning to CN in less 30 days. Previously we stayed in bldg 3 which was nice but I wanted to try 1 or 2 to be closer to the main area but not to close to avois noise...Any suggestions?

    July 25-Aug 1

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    Building 1 was very noisy late into the night with clanking dishes from Heliconia and Lyche.
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    I have read other people complaining about the noise in building 1 from the restaurant being a problem, but we stayed in building 1 last year and loved it. I thought it was the perfect location! Just drink enough rum and clanking dishes won't be a problem We are there july 29-aug , enjoy!

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    We like building 2 second floor overlooking the spa pond. It is our favorite and we have stayed in 1,2,6,8,and 9

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