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    Default Live from CSA - June 2015

    Just arrived...looking forward to sharing our trip. More to come!

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    Have a dirty banana for me Bert!

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    First day palapa!

    We got Club Mobay arrival and glad we did. MoBay was a madhouse. Wheels hit runway @ 12:15>Club Mobay>TimAir>CSA lobby @ 2:00 (we saved hours which turned into well spent beach hours on a travel day).

    Loving CSA so far, trying to avoid CN comparisons (but so far, CSA has better cole slaw...stay tuned for more intriguing details).

    Oh yeah, the palapa: it was raining just after check-in so we had lunch, cocktails and then got our room (Bldg. 14 first floor OVS - love it!). Un-packed and went to the beach...and found an empty palapa! It was a bit awkward ducking under the thatched roof and made for a good laugh when I slammed my head into one of the support boards. Not that it was ever a consideration, but getting up early to stalk a palapa won't be happening.

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    Just had a fantastic dinner at Patois Patio - outstanding from soup to nuts (literally...but not in that order). Our server Latoya was great. She made us feel like we were the only table there. Always get the soup (chicken chowder tonight - creamy & deliciously sweet), and lamb chops entrée. Desert included coffee with rum cream.

    The current plan is to work it all off in the gym tomorrow. I'll let you know how that works out for us.

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    6:45 breakfast in room, made it to the gym for 5k on treadmill (aggregated my plantar fasciitis...drags!) then breakfast #2 at Patois. T

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    The poached egg with pumpkin hash was fantastic and the salsa fresh and tasty.

    We just had our first dirty banana Jennifer.

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    Those soups! To die for! I would give anything for some right now. Having major dental work tomorrow and will probably be eating nothing but soup for 2 days.
    Campbells has nothing on Couples. LOL!

    Hope you enjoyed your dirty banana Bert. Now have a hummingbird for me please.

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    I'm loving this live thread!!! While it isn't CN, which we will be arriving at in 30 days, but it still fuels my lack of wanting to work
    You mentioned TimAir, how did you hook that up? In advance or once you were there? We are looking possibly indulge in the quick scenic flight!

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    Carlos - I forget the details, but if you reserve within a certain timeframe, you don't even pay TimAir until you get there...but do make a reservation. You can find the online. $280 for 2 to Negril (cash, 5% more for cc, a little less if they squeeze another couple in. The $ does not justify time saved, but we think of it like an excursion. But there was great value in it enabling us to have a fun afternoon yesterday travel day.

    Jennifer - hummingbird is on the list. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bert View Post
    (but so far, CSA has better cole slaw...stay tuned for more intriguing details).
    I've been saying that for years but no one listens. Well maybe not.

    Love the live updates!!! I can smell and hear the place in my mind.

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    Thanks Bert!

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    Last night we had a few Cointreau Cosmopolitans at the Martini Bar then dinner at Lemon Grass. It was a very nice evening.

    Up early this morning so I could make snorkeling reservations for tomorrow. Note: if you want reservations for something, do it as early a possible. The woman in front of me wanted glass bottom boat for tomorrow and it was already completely booked by 8:08 this morning (reservations for tomorrow started at 8:00 this morning). The water sports woman apologized and said "the people in line before you got all of the available spots." Dinner/cat cruise reservations: we make them the moment we arrive.

    This morning at breakfast we met Mr. & Mrs. jamaicanwifey (Robert & Airyca) from the Couples message board. It is always so nice to meet a new friend. Go Rutgers!

    CSA beach obseration: we always talk about CN being a deeper beach, CSA much longer. Yes, that is true, but I will share a bit of perspective. The CSA beach is actually quite deep right now (much deeper than when we did a trading places a few years ago). The tides have been kind to CSA beach. But the foliated part of the beach (shade) is rather narrow and limited to near the sidewalk, while the CN foliage has a bit more depth in some spots (CN has that middle section of rather wide and deep foliage and shade).

    I walked CSA beach from security point to security point and it was 744 steps 7 minutes 24 seconds (for a 6' tall man walking gingerly due to plantar fasciitis and no particular rush). For those who care about such things (not me really...I try to stay out of the fray...merely an observation: at about 8:15 while I was walking the beach:
    Total palapas: 21
    Palapas reserved with stuff: 20
    Palapas occupied: 0
    The southern most palapa was open (that one must have cuties).

    I had a nice chat Karen Lanigan (GM) this morning. I told her that Francine & Art from CN said "hello" and she was quite pleased to hear from them. I shared with her an observation that CSA seemed to be a slightly younger crowd than the other resorts. She said it just seems that way because it is wedding and honeymoon season...all the resorts are "younger" this time of year and that winter months tend to be a slightly more experienced crowd. (do you like the way I put that? being an "experienced" guy myself )

    I had better go now. I have to have a hummingbird for Jennifer then relax on the's a very tight schedule I must keep! And I will need to find time for jerk chicken and do my rum & diet cola experiment (I think I prefer the Appleton's Special but "experts" are always touting the VX, so I will do a blind comparison and report back on the results). My schedule is starting to get so hectic!

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    Oh, and I had to have the poached egg & pumpkin hash at Patois again this morning. If it was fantastic yesterday, then it was fabulous this morning. If it keeps getting better I am going to have to resort to the thesaurus...

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    Try a VX and tonic. Refreshing!

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    VX & tonic is now on the list...I will assume a lime twist would work well. Oh, the rum & diet cola challenge: Appleton's Special and VX got one vote each. Conclusive evidence to drink whatever strikes you in that moment.

    Hot as blazes and humid this morning. The afternoon haze and cooling breeze was welcome. 3 weddings, 3 lovely brides.

    Feathers tonight...

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    I had the catch of the day at Feathers last night (snapper, of course, and it was very good, of course ). We went fitness center this morning and did the walking/jogging track with the various fitness stations. It really makes for a pretty good workout, doing as much as you are able (I need to work on upper body strength...the pull-ups weren't happening). The course is about .4 of a mile. We did it twice (fitness station only on the first circuit). Then Breakfast #2, leave shortly for snorkeling then cat cruise this afternoon. Today will be a rather full day, nothing planned for the rest of the trip (other than beach and relaxation).

    I will have to find a way to post some photos.

    So far, we are loving CSA. CN will always be our "home", but for anyone who ever asks which Negril property is better, I might have to say "flip a coin" (yes - there are certain things to be preferred at each that could tip the scales for someone...but both are great).

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    The days are running one into another (and that is a good thing). Afternoon rain yesterday was good in that it allowed us to relax a little off of the beach. Today we are doing the trading places over to CN to say "hello" to some friends there and get a little CN beach time. I am looking forward to that. Then perhaps some afternoon beach at CSA. Off to breakfast #2 at Patois (which I think may be our favorite restaurant as CSA).

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    We had a GREAT trading places day at CN. We were able to get our favorite place on the beach, spent some time laughing and carrying on with our friend Jovane, a hug from Ivylynne and a warm Jamaican smile and "welcome home" from Sharlotte. More to come...

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    Posting from iPhone, so likely short random thoughts...

    Can for the day made our trip complete in a way. We knew exactly where to go (towels, spot on the beach, lunch, friends). When we saw rain coming it was an easy transition to Heliconia for a cocktail and a hand of cribbage. We had spotty rain...and it looks like we got lucky - puddles at CSA upon return (and dark clouds in the southern sky viewed from CN) indicate we lucked out being at the dry beach.

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    Managers cocktail and repeater dinner tonight. Our time is coming to a close (eviction notice delivered) but it's all good...we have had (and continue to have) a swell time.

    I have pictures, video and thoughts about GLN construction and will try to post in the next few days.

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    Cannot wait to see your pics and hear about the construction; we arrive at CN in 84 days!

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    Bert, Hope you are having a good time The snapper is our favorite. How is the beach?

    Life is good

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    Cocktail and repeater dinner was great last night. Earlier in the day I had mentioned to our friend Simone that it was my wife's birthday and when desert came out, my wife's was decorated for her birthday. That was a nice surprise.

    Today is our last full day and we plan to spend it all on the beach.

    I will likely be updating this thread for a few days after I return with some pictures and video links.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bert View Post
    Managers cocktail and repeater dinner tonight. Our time is coming to a close (eviction notice delivered) but it's all good...we have had (and continue to have) a swell time.

    I have pictures, video and thoughts about GLN construction and will try to post in the next few days.
    Eviction notice! LOL!!!! Very curious about the construction. Can't wait to hear/see your thoughts on the impact it is going to have for us and our sea grape tree.

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    We just checked out (room credit used nearly perfectly...$1.50 over our room credit amount). As much as I hate our vacation ending, I realize that you have to leave before you can come back again. So now the countdown clock to CN - April 2016 begins (unless I can successfully lobby for a quick trip in October ).

    I look forward to getting home and updating with some photos and final thoughts about CSA - June 2015. Cheers!

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