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    This was something that I never in a million years would have thought could happen to me. Iíve always thought that I take pretty good care of myself. So this came as a complete surprise. Apparently, itís been festering inside of me for over twenty years and I had no idea. No sign what so ever that I was harboring this malady.
    I asked my wife Sylvia if she had noticed anything out of the ordinary. Did I appear different in any way? We were both stunned. All this time and not to notice that something had changed. Thatís just crazy. However, now that it has surfaced and been identified, perhaps I can find the necessary resources and do what ever I may have to do. Syl is right here, by my side, to tackle another situation that needs our attention.

    Iím suffering from Tropical Depression. Symptoms include, but are not limited to, Head hung low with chin on your chest. An overall malaise, sluggish, often times very sad. Can be heard mumbling reggae songs. Always answers ďYa monĒ ďNo problem monĒ ďHousekeepingĒ Could have a complete meltdown at any moment. An emptiness and sadness and longings. Extreme cases of TD will find hapless couples driving from one Mall to another searching for jerk chicken and jerk pork. Thatís just the tip of palm tree. One must use all of their coping skills.
    This condition has virtually no real treatment and has been plaguing travelers to only one particular tropical isle in the West Indies. That country is Jamaica. And what is even more amazing, this form of Tropical Depression, or TD, has only turned up at four specific resorts that all bear the name of Couples. That has officials very puzzled. And while they have no real clues at the moment they are keeping the investigation open.

    With all the resorts located on that tiny tropical island, it seems to me that if this TD thing only happens to people that visit one of the four Couples properties, the answer is simple. If you donít want to add your names to an ever growing list of TD sufferers, donít go to a Couples resort. Problem solved.

    Well the problem may be solved for anyone that may have been planning a trip to the alleged culprits, but for the hundreds and thousands of us that have been trying to deal with this affliction, it doesnít appear as though there is any hope for any of us.
    Personally, I feel as though they took advantage of us, and thousands like us. There should have been some sort of disclaimer. Some warning, some idea of what we would be facing after just one trip.

    Instead they made the properties beautiful with lush tropical vegetation. So pleasing to the weary traveler. They made the rooms pleasing to the eyes as well. Many with unlimited views of the gorgeous Caribbean Sea. There were warm waters to play in, sandy beaches to daydream on, scrumptious delicious food prepared daily and served by warm smiling men and women. Everywhere you looked, people were smiling and laughing and just having a wonderful time. It was so easy to get caught up in it all.

    Little did any of us know that the setting that was so beautiful on the outside, was hiding such a hideous secret. A secret that would turn each of us into nothing more than a shell of our former selves. Indeed, much of our former lives have been transformed by this dastardly TD meltdown.
    There were loving law biding citizens that were filled with stress, anxiety, anger, loud noises, financial difficulties, and a host of other 21st century woes. Most of them had little hope of ever finding or getting to the ďenchanted landĒ, but with only one visit turned them into playful children without a worry in the world. Allowed them to run and jump and play to their hearts content. Oh the horror of it all. Staff would wait on them, cook and clean for them and provide the perfect breeding ground for hundreds more to be unwitting hosts to what was to come.

    As of this writing, there is no known all out cure for this form of depression. It seems the only viable answers or short term solutions that some have found, involve going back to the very place that first gave you this condition. I know it sounds pretty weird to me too, but I have spoken with a number of those that suffer, and they all say the same thing. If they can get back to where it all began, at least once every year, more if at all possible, they have found an amazing drop in TD symptoms. No remnants what so ever. A complete turn around. A week or ten days or so, showed amazing results. The child was home, playing in their front yard. Happy and content. The scientific community is absolutely baffled as to how this occurrence could take place.

    However, a word of caution. The reduction of TD symptoms is temporary at best. Within days of returning to our other dull drab existence, the longings return. Relentlessly barraging your brain with sadness and despair.
    From everything that I have read, the indications are that TD is at its worst when we are back in our dark little corner of our world. The place where no warming rays of sunlight can reach. No aromas of a beef pattie, no Sex on the beach. Hearing the water bubbler gurgle is a far cry from the waves caressing the shoreline. Itís stifling I know. But it is a means to an end. If remaining in our cubicle and enduring the slings and arrows that we must fend off every day will help my condition, then so be it. What real choice do I have? What choice do any of us have?

    So fellow sufferers, it looks as though returning to the scene of the sacred seaside is our only hope. Itís too late for any regrets. We canít blame Couples for their gracious hospitality or for treatment often reserved for the very privileged. Where everyone knows your name and greets you with a smile and kind word. The goal of Couples is to make you feel so very special. As though you were royalty. They do all that and more.

    I hear you calling me, beckoning me to return. But I must be patient. I can not rush my return. There is a price to be paid for all that glitters. This time the price is another 141 agonizing days.

    For now, I must rely on those that have broken free of their day to day struggle and are at the resort as I type. Their pictures and stories go a long way in calming my frayed frenetic disposition. FB and MB also help to fill the painful void that is always present.

    So as you go about living your life, where ever that may be, if you happen to see a couple in the grocery story, wearing flip flops and their bathing suits and carrying their beach bag, wandering up and down the aisles looking for the beach grille, please be kind. They may look a little out of place but please donít ridicule them. Perhaps they are just back from a Couples trip and the TD has them somewhat confused. Simply direct them to the summer outdoor furniture section. You will see a smile on their faces. Offer them a chaise lounge. Tell them the bartender will be back at any moment so just make yourselves comfortable. Smile kindly and then just walk away.

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    I know all too well the condition you are describing as my wife and I starting exhibiting symptoms shortly after our return home from our first trip to CSS this past April. We tried everything to find a way of alleviating symptoms and only found a little relief when the local liquor stores starting carrying Sangsters Rum Cream. We have found that 4 ounces a day taken orally, combined with reggae sonic therapy lessened the occurrence of TD.

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    Thank you for sharing. Without you stepping up and letting us all know of this tragedy I never would have been able to figure out what was wrong with myself.

    I noticed recently that I've been very depressed, irritable, and irrational. I've been moping around, unable to concentrate, and my work has been suffering. I've begun having hallucinations of crystal blue waters, and white sandy beaches in my back yard, and I swear I could hear my neighbor exclaiming "cigars, cigarettes, it's going to be hot, hot, hot!" I honestly thought I was losing my mind.

    Fortunately for me, my dear wife Lynn saw this article and sent me the link to compare my symptoms.

    Now I am aware that I am merely suffering from TD myself.

    Fortunately I am just 2 short sleeps from a temporary cure, that I sincerely hope will put the symptoms at bay for a while so I can once again become a productive member of society.

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    Amen, brother

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    Beer_Suds The symptoms are as many as there are sufferers. Some tolerate it better than others. But knowledge is power. Kniowing what's wrong can help ease the tension. I will bask in your imminent adventure occuring in just two short days. You are truly blessed.

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    IrieNewf I am so glad that I have been able to understand my condition. I hope this goes a long way to others who have been stumbling around in the dark. Rum Cream is an excellent accompaniment toward lessening the effects. Personally, I favor Appleton dark Rum with Newmans Own Pomergranit Lemonade.

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    I told the doc there was no pill or cure for me. May I have them call upon you for a diagnosis? I have suffered from Td for years! Hahaha

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    As have we all. I'm surprised none of us realized what was going on. I'm so glad it's out in the open.

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    Brothers and Sisters, we need a big push to get TD recognized as a diagnosed medical condition. Too long have we suffered, I personally have been dealing with this since Oct 2009 which coincidentally was also when my wife and I took our first trip to the Blessed Island. This needs more attention from the medical community so that the treatment costs can be recouped through insurance or at the least can be claimed as a medical expense on our taxes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irienewf View Post
    brothers and sisters, we need a big push to get td recognized as a diagnosed medical condition. Too long have we suffered, i personally have been dealing with this since oct 2009 which coincidentally was also when my wife and i took our first trip to the blessed island. This needs more attention from the medical community so that the treatment costs can be recouped through insurance or at the least can be claimed as a medical expense on our taxes.
    ya mon!!
    Gene and Jeanne
    CSS October 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017
    CSS/CTI October 2018

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    IrieNewf I think that's a great idea. If we all go to our primary physicians with our complaints and concerns, maybe we can impress on them how difficult and sometimes painful this condition can be. This crisis needs some intervention.

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    In addition to TD. which my wife and I have both suffered after many trips to Couples, we have also been victims of TTP. Yes, Too Tight Pants seems to hit us every year after our visit and I'm afraid that this year will be no different.

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    Collateral damage. Unavoidable. But worth every pound.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B and K View Post
    In addition to TD. which my wife and I have both suffered after many trips to Couples, we have also been victims of TTP. Yes, Too Tight Pants seems to hit us every year after our visit and I'm afraid that this year will be no different.
    Too true, we have also experienced this for the first few days at home, but we find it fades quickly as we tend to not eat when we get back. We usually spend those days wandering around confused and looking for the breakfast buffet and the Beach Grill for lunch.

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    As always, Crabracer,...well said and so very true! We have been suffering with the same symptoms for over 30 years!

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