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    Default Wedding cake options?

    FI and I are curious about the Jamaican Wedding cake. He loves to make a plum pudding at Christmas, and since we're getting married in Jamaica, the fruitcake sounds appropriate, but I wanted to know if anyone has had it, and can tell me how it was. It's not a big deal, really since I think it will just be the two of us so unless we can take it to our room or share some with the minister and witnesses I'm not a super wedding-cake-fiend like a lot of my friends (one girl crashed weddings just for the cake ;p). I DO like the fact that even for our small little wedding we can still cut a cake and have a toast. Any cake input is appreciated

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    I've read the fruitcake is delicious. We had the chocolate with white fondant frosting and it was the most moist cake we've ever had.

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    I really like rustic cakes and on our wedding we chose from some great rustic wedding cakes. We decided Woodland theme Wedding Cake and It was really beautiful. Must check these cakes are really amazing and beautiful, maybe you'll find a suitable one for your wedding. Best of Luck

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    Feck, Thanks Since it's just the two of us and the idea is as little planning as possible so we're planning to go with the One Love cake options. FI is just really curious about the fruitcake option, and I think it'll be neat and fitting if we are there. I can get white or chocolate cake here in Texas anytime and think that's our 1st anniversary plan, to buy a tiny cake to celebrate rather than try to ship a cake back to stay in the freezer for a year. I think we'll do the fruitcake. Now to just pick 4 songs. That sounds so easy, but wow, it's harder than I'd thought.

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    totally agree

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    Me to, I love rustic cakes as well.

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    I prefer light tastes cakes, I thing at the cake time everyone is full, so, if the cake will be too sweet it and creamy, nobody will like it. So, actually I also for light fruit cake. The great thing about making a fruit cake is that it can be made well in advance of the big day.

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