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    Default 4th of July Activities at Couples Resorts...

    It's the 4th of July for all our American friends in a few weeks, and the resorts are looking forward to celebrating! Below are the activities for each of the properties - see you soon, mon.

    Couples Negril:
    10:00am Hotel Orientation- Meet in the - Lobby
    11:00am beach volleyball - Beach
    11:00am tag football - Beach
    11:00am hat making class - Beach
    1:00pm lunchtime ent.
    2:00pm pool volleyball -Main Pool
    3:00pm soccer on the beach – beach
    4: 00pm walk to craft market – lobby
    4: 00pm Beach Volleyball- Beach
    5:00pm Hotel orientation- Lobby
    6: 30pm Happy Hour (rhythm and blues)-Piano Bar
    8:30pm Mello Vybz feat - harmonics
    9:30pm Showtime feat Neko– Cassava terrace
    10:00pm disco night/bonfire - beach

    Couples Swept Away:
    10am Orientation Meet in the Main Lobby
    11:00am Uncle Sam Beach Volleyball South Beach
    11:00am Rasta way of Life Main Pool Deck
    12:00pm 4TH OF JULY BARBEQUE:
    Face Painting
    Hot Dog Eating Contest
    Pie Eating Contest
    Stilt Walkers
    2:00pm Tag Football………. South Beach
    5:00pm Orientation……….. Lobby
    7:30pm Dinner Music w/Howard Foulds……The Palms
    8:30pm Pre-Show w/Exodus Band……The Palms
    9:00pm Blazing Piano w/Ultimate……… Aura Lounge
    9:15pm Showtime Presentation……..The Palms
    10:30pm Bonfire W/Shyam Moses………… Main Beach
    11:00pm Request Night………………….. Aura Nightclub

    Couples Sans Souci:
    8-10a.m Tennis Lessons (Tennis Courts)
    9:00a.m Aerobics (Fitness Pavilion)
    11:00a.m Aquacise (Mineral Pool)
    11:00a.m Live Portrait session (Main Lawn)
    11:00a.m American Trivia (Main Pool/Au-Natural)
    11:30a.m Pottery painting (Main Beach)
    12:00p.m Pool Olympics (Main Pool)
    12:00p.m Tye Dye session (Main Lawn)
    3:30p.m Hula Hoop Competition (Main Pool)
    4:00p.m Pool Volleyball (Main Pool)
    3–4p.m Yoga Class (Fitness Pavilion)
    4:00p.m Open Tennis (Tennis Courts)
    4:00p.m Pool Volleyball (Au Naturel Beach)

    Couples Tower Isle:
    10:00am Orientation (Lobby)
    11:00am Beach Volleyball USA v.s the world (Beach)
    12:00pm Apple Bobbing (Veggie Bar)
    1:00pm Mobay Boy & Girls Marching Band (Main Beach)
    2:00pm Cupcake Fantasy (Veggie Bar)
    3:00pm Tie Dye Class (Front Lawn)
    1-3pm Painting Making Class (Craft Vendor)
    4:00pm Volleyball (Beach)
    5:00pm Orientation (Lobby)
    6:30pm Cocktails with Billy (Patio Roof)
    7:00pm Buffet Opens (Pool Deck)
    7:30pm Fuxion Band (Pool Deck)
    8:30pm Melodies from a Golden Horn (Pool Deck)
    9:00pm Showtime “EBONY” (Pool Deck)
    10:00pm Leonardo Carmichael (Pool Deck)
    10:30pm Piano Sing A Long
    10:30pm Rock & Roll Party “DJ SMOOCH” Lounge
    Michelle Gordon
    On-Island Social Media Coordinator
    Couples Resorts

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    Darn it. CSA is really doing it up and CN I guess will be quiet apart from the Flamingo Race??? This is our 1st time going to CN for the 4th. (Normally go in December)

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    Looks like CN peeps should do a day trip to CSA? What's up with them getting all the love entertainment coordinators from CN?

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    Arriving at CTI the afternoon of the 4th!!!

    As much as I'd love a hot dog eating contest, that will CERTAINLY not be my first meal at Couples! LOL!!
    Chris & Cindy (FL)
    CTI - July 2015
    CTI - July 2016

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    Flamingo Race is cancelled too due to a change of plans for the person in charge.

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    The CSA day sounds like a blast! Wish I could be there!

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    I think it is a bit much to expect a Jamaican resort to celebrate USA 4th just because there are some American guests. There are lots of Canadians and UK guests too among other nationalities. Next it will be Memorial Day and Labor Day? Now they should celebrate Jamaica's in August I hope.

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    Gee, Zara... Should the Americans not participate when Couples celebrates St. Patrick's Day? I love any reason for a party and don't care which country the celebration originated in �� I love that Couples embraces everyone!

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    I think Zara's point is, when you go to Jamaica you want to experience Jamaican things. If people want to celebrate the Fourth of July they can visit America.

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