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Thread: Jan 2010

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    Default Jan 2010

    this is our 4th time here any one from the Dallas Ft. Worth are going 8th thru 18

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    Hi Jim and Judy -
    Steve and Brenda here. We are "neighbors" from Little Rock AR.
    We will be at CSS from Jan.9-16.
    Most days you'll find us at Sunset Beach.
    Hope to see you then.
    This is our 2nd trip to CSS, 7th overall to Couples (been to 'em all!)

    Steve and Brenda

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    yes we were just up you way last week to watch the leaves change colors
    we realy are close we live in in sherman texas on the lake texoma . this is

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    jim and judy here we will be there around jan the 8 throu18

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    Default From 9-16th jan

    only 74 more days to go!!! First time to CSS (first time to Jamaica), looking forward to a great relaxing vacation.

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    this is our 4 here at css its great 72 more days we be there

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    Hello everyone! John & Johnna here. We'll be at CSS Jan 2-9th for our first trip to Jamaica and our first Couples Resort stay. I believe we are 24 days out!!!!

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    Posting here to bring this to the top! We've got less than a month to go and the January thread is looking pretty pitiful. The January TI thread is quite active. It's a busy time of year, but I'm getting excited and I want to start my vacation. Here's a photo of us so you can come up and say 'hi' when we get there! We'll be there Jan 16-23.

    Name:  DSCN7408.jpg
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    I heard that the photo thing is tough to master, so I'll try again if this fails...

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    This our picture from last year during our stay from January 13th to 20th.
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    Steve and Brenda here from Little Rock.
    We'll be there Jan.9 -16.
    Looking forward to meeting everyone and having a great time!
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    Default Michigan?

    You from MI Bill? I only ask because of the shirt.


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    I grew up on the west part of Michigan and now leave in SE Michigan.


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    Make that now live in SE Michigan. I love these little keyboards.

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    Winter is here in MN. I can't wait for Jan 17th!

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    Hi Bill,
    I grew up in SE Michigan myself. Out in the Irish Hills on Sand Lake outside of Brooklyn, Onsted, or Adrian......depending on which way you stand. Great to see a fellow "Yankee"!


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    We will be at CSS Jan 17-24. WOOHOO!!!

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    Default See you in January

    Hi all it's finally figured out, we will be there from Jan12-19th. Hey Island Steve do you see anyone you know in the picture with us, LOL!!!! See you all soon!! HUGZ!!!
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    Hello everyone!

    This is our second trip to CSS, we will be there Jan 16-23 to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. Our first trip was for our honeymoon in January 2007.

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    Sounds like we'll get to meet several of you! See you in 17 days!

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    Default Single digit dancing!

    A Happy New Year to all.

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    Default Ten, nine, eight.......

    We are counting down the days, dreaming of the wind and surf. We will arrive on the 10th and stay a quick seven nights. But we plan to enjoy each and every moment. See you there!! We'll be at Sunset Beach, more than likely....
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    only 16 more days... giggity giggity
    Roll Tide!

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    we counting also just 6 days more, Then we be at SSB 8/ 18 jan

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    Oh, hi Scott and Christa! I didn't recognize your screen name! See you in a couple weeks.

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    Missed the single digit dance, but we're under a week now!

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