We just returned a few days ago from Couples Swept Away.

First ... I have a couple of questions...

1. Does anyone know where or how I can purchase a long sleeve TEE with Jamaica on it. I could kick myself ...I had intended on going back to the gift store in the Great House and getting a long sleeve tee and totally forgot. Can you buy online or does anyone have one to sell ~~~ size large.

2. Does anyone know the Jamaican Sunshine band (mentos band) from the beach. 3 men and the one man holds his hand like a microphone. We purchased one of their CD's but now I'm wishing I had another one. We wanted the one that they sang Dont Worry and Thank You Lord. If anyone knows how I can buy one let me know or if you are going to CSA please let me know.

My review ...

First just 2 minor things. We did ask for certain items in the minibar and didnt get them... I assumed they were not available. (Diet Sprite or Diet 7up) But no big worries there. The second thing is we felt like we were short changed on the tour. We were driven to the great house and shown a film and that was it. I would have liked to have been shown the grounds and tour. But we figured it out. I also think it would be a great addition to have a newcomers time each day ... for a tour and dinner or lunch. We were kinda lost the first day and I was starved. I felt like we couldnt get food.

Anyway thats the minor stuff.

I feel in love with CSA. It was the most relaxing and wonderful vacation I have ever had. The bus ride was fine. The streets of Jamaica... well I'm glad I don't have to drive them and I'm thankful for those bus drivers.

Our room was a GVS - 3203. It had the BEST bed in it! I slept so good there. The room was clean and well maintained. The view and verandah awesome. The sounds of Jamaica - AWESOME. I even had my hubs record it on his phone.

The beach... I'm just speechless. Wonderful photos of it and the sunsets are fantastic.

The drinks were bountiful and I really miss them. I think I am in detox right now.

The food - well I'm in detox right now too. I am missing the french toast with Banana syrup. I ate stuff I didnt know what it was and it was delicious. The only item we didn't care for was the *goat milk* I wasn't expecting that. But hey, I just didn't drink it. The coffee was fabulous.

The rain - dont fret it. It rained every day. Some days we stayed in the ocean and some days we went to the room. you are already wet ... just stay in the ocean!

I even loved the getting dressed and going to dinner. After being in a swimsuit all day it was so nice to get cleaned up.

When I try to explain to people about how wonderful our vacation was - I don't have the words. It was just the most relaxed and awesome time I have ever had. I cannot wait to go back.

See if this link will work for my photos ...