What ever happened to the Couples Resort that took pride in the fact that their resorts blended in with the beautiful island scenery that is Jamaica?
It is unthinkable that you would permit the use of the Porta-Brella type umbrellas on any Couples beach. I am sure like 99% of your repeat guests would agree these things will look like a boil on a beautiful face.
We come back to Couples for the romance of being able to sit on the beach hand and hand and have an unobstructed view of the view of the beautiful ocean.
As a repeater I request that you reconsider this mistake! Granted we have only been to Couples 12 times but we know other couples that have been there up to 30 times and feel the same way.
Please do not let the few that want to use these ruin the years of tradition and spoil the romance and beauty of our Couples Resorts!