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    can anybody tell me if you have to wear golf shoes on the negril golf course....if so do they need to bring there own or can you hire them?? 3 weeks to go!!!

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    I just wear my tennis shoes when playing golf in Jamaica. Bring your balls, gloves, and tees from home.
    Irie Mon

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    Two buddies and I played Negril Hills back in December. Yes you can rent clubs and shoes there, but they didn't look too good to me. If you're a size 11 1/2 ask for the caddie Nevel because he has a nice pair to rent. Anyway, two of us lightened up our golf bags and took our own clubs. We put our golf shoes in the travel covers so it was no big deal packing them. The bags were well within the 50 lb. limit and some airlines have no limit on specially handled bags like golf bags. Our other friend just wore running shoes and didn't seem to have a problem walking the course. Yes we did walk the course with the caddies. Even though it's a workout with all the hills neither of us like to take carts unless it's absolutely necessary. My only concern with wearing running shoes is if the grass is wet, how will you keep your feet from slipping? I fell on my butt down a hill once playing golf in running shoes and with my bad back I said I'd never play without golf shoes again. Enjoy!

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