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    We were at couples Negril in May and didn't get a chance to review our pictures that were taken. I know that we had posed many times for photo's and would like to purchase them if possible. Thank you for your help.

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    I haven't done it personally, but one couple mentioned on the MB that they had also forgotten to pick out pictures. They contacted the resort and it was taken care of. Look on the site for the 'contact us' link. Each resort is listed there with the phone number to the resort.
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    Sorry to say but it is highly doubtful you will get these photos. The photographer is taking pictures of many random people on the resort almost every day. These pictures are not identified by the photographer when he takes the pictures. Every time we bought the pictures we had to go to the Photo Shop and look through many pictures until we found some of us. The Couples staff working in the shop would mark them for us. You almost need to do this every few days if the resort is busy or this will get time consuming.

    On or near the sad day we will return to the Photo Shop, make our final selections, and purchase the pictures. There is no way to view these pictures outside the Photo Shop. There is no way for Couples staff to identify which pictures are of you or which ones you may want to purchase. I think after about 30 days or so they are deleted. Unless you can get back to Couples Negril in the next few days, there is no way to purchase these pictures. Sorry.

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    It would probably be best to contact CN directly via e-mail or phone...both contacts available on the Couples website.

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    Thank you all for your information. I will contact CN and see if there is anything they can do.

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