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    I'll say in advance...sorry for all of the questions! We are first timers going to CSS in April 2016. The website does not say that the restaurants are buffets, but in some of the pictures they look buffet-style. Can anyone clarify for me? Also - the AN Grill can only be visited by AN couples during the day, but then anyone can go there after 5pm? Thanks in advance!!!

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    We go in October and the AN grill usually closes between 4-5. Breakfast at Palazzina is buffet style. I believe that lunch at Palazzina is also buffet style (I am always on the AN side). The main beach grill serves a la carte during the day....hamburgers, patties, snapper, fish tacos, French fries, etc. Beach night and Gala night are HUGE buffet style banquets outside (beach and main lawn). All other evening meals are a la carte and very delicious with menus that change every 2 or 3 days. The main beach grill closes around 5 and becomes the Bella Vista for evening dinner...very romantic with tiki torches and candles right on the beach. The Bella Vista closes around 10 pm and at 11 it becomes the beach grill again and you can get snacks all night.....not sure what is on that menu as I have never walked down there at night...too tired from relaxing all day long!
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    The AN grill is only open for lunch and will be well closed by 5:00...

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    Not a problem with asking questions, cwhale11. That's what the message board is for. The Palazzina restaurant is buffet for breakfast and lunch. In the evening it becomes a "regular" restaurant. Yes, the AN Grill can only be visited by AN couples. Well, that's not quite right...but you'll get funny looks from the AN crowd if you're standing among the naked with clothes on. So, just take 'em off and enjoy lunch, a few drinks, a fun bunch and an all-over tan. Anyone can go to the AN beach (Sunset Beach) after 5 PM without feeling awkward as there's a mix of those with/without clothes enjoying the sunset...but the grill is only open for lunch. Have a blast on your stay at CSS!!

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    Palazzina has a buffet at breakfast, plus an omelet station. I haven't ever eaten there for lunch, but I believe it is a buffet then. They have a menu at dinner, but I do not recall if they had the buffet open as well. Casanova is menu only. The Ocean Grille / Bella Vista is menu only. The AN grille is a small buffet selection and only offered around noon. It will have been consumed or taken away long before 5PM.

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    Palazzina is the most used restaurant. Breakfast and lunch are buffet. Dinner has table service with buffet for salad and pasta if desired. Casanova is the more fancy restaurant for dinner only, strictly table service.

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    The only buffet is at the Palazina. The AN grill is only open durring the day for lunch as far as I Know.

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