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    finally going to csa for first time 11-26 12-1.have been a mo bay vet 9 times.looking for advice on room.have heard that verandh rooms are ocean worth 500 moe or are garden sufficentalso wondering about the balconys for a littleprivate time with SO.thanks

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    Hiya Cook
    I'm glad to hear you finally realized that Negril is the place to be in Jamaica. It will be a bit of a drive from the airport comapred to MoBay but believe me, well worth it. I don't know where you stayed in MoBay but it will not compare to CSA. Not being mean here. I have stayed in MoBay,Ocho etc..

    As a ten time Jamaica vet I will tell you that CSA is the BEST!!! I liked the Atrium Suites with the big balcony which is like another room in itself. No T/V or mini bar if thats important but I never missed it and the beach and bars are close by.

    I never thought that I would like the walk in/walk out first floor rooms but I did!!!!! Theres is alot of foliage around the big balcony and private like!!!!!
    Goin back for 2nd time in April!!!!!

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    cookster good for you trying CSA for a change. We were at CTI about 6 years ago and at CSA this past December. We liked CTI with the small hotel and family feeling but we liked CSA better for the beach, sports complex and grounds. We are not AN fans so we never made it over to the island which makes the trip for others. At CSA we stayed in an Ocean Veranda suite on the second floor. The view towards the beach was aweful but could be better if you're on the first or third floors. If you're not a "room person" you're better off saving the money. I think we were on the balcony/veranda about 3 or 4 times the whole week so the view meant nothing to us. Don't miss spending a few nights singing and playing games with Ultimate Chocolate in the Aura lounge. Enjoy your time in paradise!
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