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    Default CSS review on TA???

    There is a recent CSS review on TA titled "Things changed for worse", why does it seem that certain hotels & resorts receive rather negative reviews from first time reviewers, is it simply because they have never been? This review seems to contradict with all the other recent reviews regarding CSS staff and the excellent customer service they provide.

    They actually state they are currently at CSS and itís also not their first time there. If this review is genuine I would like a little more information on why CSS seems to have turned from paradise to the pits, as it seems itís simply because they missed a dinner reservation or turned up without one?

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    This is only one bad review. Call you names & lecture you???? I seriously doubt that. I also love it when people note how much they paid for the trip. That to me says they feel they should be treated like royalty by all staff regardless of their attitude. In nine trips to Jamaica (7 to Couples) we have never had a member of staff ever show us an attitude but then we have always treated the staff members with respect. You get what you give.
    I would focus on the 99% who have nothing but great things to say about this wonderful resort. We've been to CSS 3 times and can't wait to return.

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    The old adage that you can't please everybody will always hold true. Sometimes when I see a negative review I look at the other reviews that the person has written, often they are all negative which says much more about the person than the places they go. Personally, I find that if the overwhelming majority of reviews are positive , then you're safe with spending your money there. Some people are just not going to be happy no matter what and sometimes let little hiccups spoil their experience. Or they're entitled little #%%&%%$$!! who feel that the policies don't apply to them LOL.

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    I read that review too. Doesn't seem to ring true to me. If you fail to make a reservation, what is the restaurant supposed to do? Are they supposed to bump someone who has a reservation just for you? I don't think so. Also what is "reservate?"

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    Please?? A person with one review rating it a one star?? Just ignore it.

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    Never been to CSS, but here is my opinion. Some people will let the little things ruin the entire vacation. Sometimes you need to read between the lines. Missed a dinner reservation or showed up without a reservation? They claim to be repeaters? They would have known better. This sounds kind of fishy to me.

    Sometimes they are just trolls. For one reason or another they will write either a good or a bad review because of some sort of agenda. They may have never even been to Jamaica. There are places that pay to have these bogus reviews posted. On sites like TA you can write anything you like and there is no need to back up what you say because it can never be proven.

    We have never had everything go exactly our way on a vacation, even at Couples. There is always going to be some minor, or sometimes major, thing go wrong. You just can't let it ruin your entire stay. From our experience, the Couples management or staff will do everything in their power to make things right when something goes wrong. After that, the best thing to do is to move on and enjoy the rest of your stay. If you take the correct attitude, these little things are soon forgotten in paradise.

    Only 263 more days until we return to COuples

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    I saw the same review. Notice that they don't give much of a name, where from, and this is their ONLY review on TA. I'd say they are just a random poster who has nothing better to do.

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    I love it when a hotel Manager responds to a ridiculous review with a comment such as, "Your party was not abiding by our policies despite our efforts to please you. PLEASE DO NOT COME BACK"!!!!!

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    I wouldn't let 1 review change your mind. Why would there be up to 40% repeaters if it was so bad. Some people will never be happy.

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