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    Default Veggie bar at CSS?

    I have read that there is a veggie bar at CSS, what sort of things do they serve? Also what's the opening times of the veggie bar, is it open all day, and is the martini bar open all evening?

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    It's open from sometime in the morning (9:00?) till 3 PM. They have all kinds of juices and smoothies, serve sweet potato chips and offer a variety of sandwiches/pitas/wraps. Great little pick-me-up after a work-out or for a lighter lunch. Martini bar is only open certain times (not sure what they are).

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    It opens at 10:00. Nickoi makes the best smoothies on the planet!

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    martini bar is open every night except for Tuesdays and Fridays from 5 pm till 10 pm.

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