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    My wife and I are planning a vacation to Couples Swept Away for April of 2017 Every time we try to book it states that there are no available rates Is this date to far out? We tried booking with air fair and just booking the resort with the same results

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    Probably too far out.

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    You should probably try calling Couples directly to ask about a booking that far out. At least in the past, they would book by phone farther out then you could book on the website. You'll likely get the prevailing rate April 2016 at this point, but could change to a better rate if one exists when they formally release the April 2017 dates. (This is what I did when booking my upcoming July 2015 trip.)

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    You will need to wait until Feb-Mar 2016. Or call Couples directly. They can probably do it for you. 800-couples.
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    Wait a while...

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    This past February 2015 was the first time the April 2016 stays could be booked as that is our anniversary and we were waiting to book our room. I assume the same time frame will apply to 2017.

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    If you call the main reservation number you can book at the current rates. I think up to 2 years out. If the rate goes down you can call and ask for the better rate or cancel and book at the better rate. They have always beengreat with any assues we have had

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    call the reservation number we already have reservation for 2015, 2016, and 2017 in December ....Book now before the rates get jacked up again
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