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    Default Club MoBay Friday arrival

    We arrive into Montego Bay on a Friday morning at 11:30 on June 5th. Wondering if that early on a weekday is worth the $100 investment in Club MoBay? Suggestions and thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Gives a list of flights arriving each day and has today's (Friday) schedule, take a look as it looks like there are 4 flights within 20 minutes of each other. We arrive on a Saturday morning with 6 flights close together and I jumped on Club MoBay 2 months out.

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    We always use ClubMobay. As others will tell you it is a gamble. We have been there at times when the line is going up the ramp. Other times not much of A line. I personally hate to wait in lines so for me it is worth the extra expense. Sort of like an insurance policy. I would hate myself for not using the service and finding a 1 1/2hr wait! Enjoy your trip

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    We arrived on a Friday three weeks ago about this same time on May 1 and wish we had it. We had about an hour in immigration. My procrastinating husband waited too long to book it and all of their reps were booked so you might even be too late now but I would recommend you book it now.

    Enjoy your trip
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    Do it! You will be happy you did!

    Quote Originally Posted by welovecsa View Post
    We arrive into Montego Bay on a Friday morning at 11:30 on June 5th. Wondering if that early on a weekday is worth the $100 investment in Club MoBay? Suggestions and thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

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    We landed at about 9:30 on Friday, May 1st and it took us 4 minutes to get through immigration. Last September, arriving at 10:50 was about the same. It is a gamble but checking what flights are arriving at and before yours will help you decide. We have had later week end flights when the line started at the bottom of the ramp, so an 11:30 flight is kind of borderline, in my opinion. Let us know how it goes.

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    Believe it or not, I have a spreadsheet going where I have been tracking the number of daily arrivals at Sangster International Airport. I have been doing this for almost 2 months. I wanted to know exactly which days are the busiest and which days are the slowest.

    Friday is a little busy, but not the busiest day. Also, the number of daily arrivals has been steadily declining since April first.

    The last couple of Fridays there have been about 33 to 34 flights per day. The busiest day is Saturday by far. In late March, early April I was tracking about 60 flights per day on Saturday. Tuesday's and Thursday's are the slowest days.

    Flights in the low 30's, Sangster is at about 50% capacity this time of year.

    In my opinion, Club MOBAY is a perceived value. The real question you must ask yourself, do you think it is worth it? You may gain a little time but not a lot processing through Immigrations and Customs using Club MOBAY this time of year. But being treated like a Rock Star is kind of cool.

    Personally, this time of year we would be more likely to spring for the departure service. Again, you will gain a little but not a lot of time getting fast tracked through security. What you would gain is a very nice place to wait for your flight to begin boarding. Great food, drinks, and service are included. One last time to get treated special before you return home to reality.

    We tend to travel to Jamaica in mid February, usually on a weekend. This is during peak tourist season on the busiest days. The airport is packed. We have used the Club MOBAY arrival and departure service a couple of times and will continue to use it in the future. But as I said before, this is a perceived value. We think it is worth the extra money. You may think otherwise using it when the airport is far less busy.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise

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    Thank you all for the great information. We decided to book both arrival and departure VIP Club MoBay service. Toneita at was SO VERY helpful and got our reservation updated. Can't wait for June 5th. Will be posting a trip report upon our return home. Thanks again.

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    misskathyi2009 Guest


    I'm thinking about booking Club MoBay next April. We normally travel from Wednesday to Wednesday and never have a problem. But thinking about going on a Saturday to Saturday, and I think it will be worth the money to bypass the potential lines. I think I will only do the arrival - but I still have plenty of time to figure that out. My first big decision is where to stay - CN for the 5th time or venture over to CSS or CTI for a change.

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