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    What is the difference between Deluxe Ocean Verandah, One Bedroom Ocean Suite and One Bedroom Beachfront Suite at CSS? We would prefer a higher floor for a better view and we don't mind stairs. Thanks

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    Only help I can be is that the beachfront is just that, on the beach, so it is lower than the other two classes. The beachfront suites are in A block and B Block whereas the others rooms are up in the hills. So if you want a better view, maybe one of the Ocean suites may be better. We liked our beachfront suite but have an Ocean Veranda booked for our next trip to try that.
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    As Kurt and Angie said, the beachfront are in A & B blocks at beach level. More centrally located with respect to the beaches, restaurants (except Casanova), beach grill and such. Deluxe Ocean Verandah and One Bedroom Ocean Suites can be found in the rest of the blocks (C-G). From our experience the One Bedrooms are a little more roomy with larger balconies (our favorite category) while the Ocean Verandah may not have as large of a balcony (though this isn't always true). We typically choose G-block because of the view. You can even get a nice sunset view from the north end of G-block (right by the beauty shop).

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    We stayed in the one bedroom ocean suite back in April. From what I saw, the Verandah is an open room with the sitting area and bed together. The suite has the bedroom and sitting area separate. This worked well for us. My wife likes to stay up late, I wake up early. The separate room kept us from bugging each other. The views up on the cliffs are great and private. Do be warned, if you are in F or G blocks, there are ALOT of stairs. I liked it because it almost felt like staying in two different resorts. We would hang out at the beach during the day, then hit the mineral pool and martini bar before dinner.

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    My wife and I have been to CSS 3 times. The first 2 we stayed in the beachfront rooms and loved them. They were close to everything and very spacious, the bathroom was nice aswell. This April we stayed in a one bedroom, G10 and it was wonderful. Like tnd88 said it was like 2 different resorts. The walking wasn't bad for me but my wife got a little tierd of it but said she would stay in those rooms again.We are doing a split stay this December, CN for 5 days then back home to CSS for 5 days. we got the beachfront for that trip to get to stay in the new rooms. As many have said most rooms have a nice view except for D9&10. In the end I don't care what room we get as long as we are there , but I like G block the best so far. You will have fun whitch ever room you choose.

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    Thanks. We will be there in November.

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