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    Default No AN beach at CSA? :(

    This year (2010) will be our first trip to JA and Couples. CSA is realllllly calling us but the fact that there is no AN area to chill nekid is really a bummer. Is there truly no where to relax in the sun w/o the burden of that nasty clothing?

    New to the board and loving the wealth of guys and gals are great! Dino
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    Sorry but it is true.
    There is no AN area at CSA.

    Topless sunbathing occurs occasionally on the beach but it is not the norm. Really depends on the guests that are there at any given time. Topless bathing is not permitted in our around any of the pool areas.

    Does this help?

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    Thanks R & B

    I figured that was the case since it's what I read everywhere but not having been to a Couples resort before, sometimes vacation resorts can have their unwritten rules too. We just really like the rooms and the overall look of CSA but have been looking at CSS too. My wife really didn't care for the look (rooms & restaurants) at CN or the south beach look of CTI. I think I'd love CTI but it's got to be some place we're both comfortable.

    So... looks like CSA or CSS. We have plenty of time as we're looking at sometime next year but we'll be regulars on this board learning as much as we can.

    Any thoughts on CSS versus CSA?

    Love the search tool BTW

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    CSS has all suites with mini bars and room service. It is a spread out resort, so you will not see a lot of people. CSS has a nice AN area with a large pool, bar, and a grill. It is a private resort with out all the vendors, jet skies, or others from the other resorts walking the beach.

    CSA being in Negril you will the vendors, jet skies, or others from the other resorts walking the beach. CSA has mini bars in some rooms and no room service.

    CSA has more things you can walk to if you want to go off the resort by yourself.

    What ever resort you pick, you will have a good time.
    Irie Mon

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    CSS - Magnificent landscaping, built into the hills, so there's lots of steps, nude beach. The beaches are not the best and there's minimal contact with the locals.

    CSA - Great landscaping, but the resort is flat, best beach on the island and constant opportunity to interact with the locals. No nude beach, although topless occurs infrequently.

    Both - Superior food, more than you could ask for, staff that rivals 4- and 5-star hotels, a vacation you'll never forget.
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    We have seen topless on all three of our trips. It is pretty common actually.

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    Just reading between the lines but.... if CSA has no AN beach and allows topless but few take advantage of it, could one assume that it probably attracts a more conservative clientele?

    If that is the case... then CSA is definitely not the place for me

    Also... not having been to Jamaica before.... is interacting w/ the locals a plus? We've always just kind of thought we'd spend all of our time at the resort since it all-inclusive and has so much to do. Should we be re-thinking that?

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    if you are considering going nekkid then CSS with SSB is a great choice. SSB is top notch, once you are there you never have to leave lol...beachc pool bathroom bar grill fun ...

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    If you are looking at A/N as an option, you cannot beat CSS. We have done CN twice and CSS once, heading back to CSS next April.

    It is a drop dead beautiful resort, but there are stairs, lots of them, the resort is built into a cliff which adds to it's overall beauty. All the rooms at CSS have ocean views, room service all 3 meals (continental breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks) and all rooms have mini bars.

    There are 4 pools at CSS including the one on the A/N beach, and lushness everywhere.

    Food outstanding as well.

    Don't discard CN if you want the A/N option either. None of the rooms at Couples will compare to the Ritz, so if you are expecting that you will be disappointed, the rooms at Couples are casual Caribbean..... The feel of the resort is what makes Couples special in our opinion. Romantic ambiance everywhere you turn. CN has an easy layout, the pool being the epicenter of the resort it is huge, and the beach is outstanding.

    Negril and Ocho Rios beaches are very different, Negril is known for outstanding beaches, Ocho Rios has the private cove beaches.

    Keep looking at the pictures, let the resort pick you. It will be the one you can't stop going back to.

    Have fun!

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    "if CSA has no AN beach and allows topless but few take advantage of it, could one assume that it probably attracts a more conservative clientele?"

    No, not unless
    you want to assume that it's "conservative" for some people to prefer not to be naked ( or see others naked ) on the beach at a hotel...which is really a stretch even for an assumption. There is nothing conservative about us, and we LOVE CSA - and wearing our swimsuits in public.

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    Hi there - we are not conservative and actually wish there was an AN beach at CSA. However - we LOVE CSA and are heading back for our third trip in December (can't wait!!)!! We also went to CSS in May for the first time - and will probably return again.

    Both resorts are wonderful in their own distinct way - and both very beautiful. It's just really hard to beat the beach at CSA (though CSS is greener and more lush) - we've been booking a beachfront verandah suite - right on the beach - and the suites at CSS, though nice didn't compete in terms of location and view (and I like the wood inside too) and being able to listen to the sound of the waves from our verandah.

    I am comfortable going topless on the beach at CSA. I'm guessing a few more people would than already do - but it seems from the message board when people get there they are often not sure if it's okay (I wasn't the first time and was hesitant).

    Good luck with your choice - whichever resort you choose - you will enjoy I'm sure! Let me know if you have any questions on our experience of differences between the two.


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    Thanks for the great feedback everyone.

    WandA, I sincerely apologize that I seem to have come across so negatively. That was not my intent at all. I was honestly just trying to get a feel for the different resorts and the folks that go there.

    I should not have put a label on things...poor judgment on my part.

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