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    Default Bug Spray Can Provided in Rooms at CSA?

    A recent TA review mentioned that they found sugar ants in the bathroom. Does CSA provide a ant bug spray in their rooms?

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    not that I remember but we always take ziplock bags to store our toothbrushes in,those little buggers gravitate towards moisture,

    keep food out of your room and your toothbrushes covered and No Worries

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    There may be sugar ants in the bathroom (we've found them at each resort) but they are usually drawn there by something (toothpaste left out/open, flowers on the sink top, etc.). We've never asked for ant spray...just simply looked for the source of attraction and removed it.

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    No but they will come and spray. Keeps food and sugary beverage glasses outside of your room and you shouldn't have issues.

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    No, they do not provide insecticide. But simply let the someone know, the maids or front desk, and they will have the area sprayed.

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    They routinely spray the rooms. Sugar ants will come around if you leave food out, or have any sweet scented products, or just if they feel like it! It's a few, not hundreds. If you see them, ask to have your room sprayed.

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    Leaving food or drinks in your room will do that... It is the tropics after all... No they do not provide any bug spray, I believe you can purchase it at the gift shop though.

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