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    I remember there being a thread about the turtles hatching a couple of years ago. Which resorts can you see this? Is it the same weeks every year? It is one of the things high on my to do list go vacation somewhere where I can see the turtles hatching and going out to the water. Just curious if we can schedule and get there that week or if it is total hit or miss and which resorts. For some reason I remember it being CSS. deb

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    I remember it being CSS but can't remember when this happens (time of year). Hopefully someone will have the answer.

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    Ever notice the Menu Item marked SEARCH in the upper right hand corner of this forum page? I clicked on it, typed the word turtle in the key word block, and clicked Search Now. It took me all of about 20 seconds to find 2 blog posts on this exact same subject. I only searched Blog Entries to limit my search. If you search everything you will find a lot more but this may give too many results. Give it a try and you will find your answer.

    Looks like the blog entries give the best information. I hope you are successful hitting the resort at the right time to see the turtles hatching.

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    CSS. The turtles come ashore to lay eggs in July (this happened when we were at CSS the last 2 weeks of July)and I believe they hatch in October. Not sure as to timing within the months.

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    I found it Mad Jack, thanks

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    We saw the turtles hatch and head to the sea the last week of September, 2012, at Sans Souci.

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    We just missed them in Sept of 2013 at CSS. We were there at the end of the month. We we were in the Outer Banks of North Carolina we got to see them and it was really cool. I hope you get to see them at some point.

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