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    Default Cost per guest vs per room?

    Why has Couples started advertising room rates per guest rather than per room? I know a competitor does this but it is confusing and deceiving as prices are based on double occupancy and these are couples only resorts rather than adults only. Singles are not the Couples theme.

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    I never understood this concept either. It is VERY rare to have only one person in a room at any Couples resort. I can only assume this is some sort of misguided marketing ploy to try and make the rooms not look as expensive as they really are. I would also like to know why Couples does not post their room rates per couple as it is always expected that there will be a couple staying in the room.

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    Hello Mad Jack and rckbert,

    I will be sure to relay this to the marketing team as I understand that the way it is phrased can be misleading. In no way does this pricing format affect the couples-only nature of Couples Resorts and the guests coming in pairs

    Hope to welcome you back soon!
    CRO, Couples Resorts

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    Thank You

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    I see that the current special offers pricing per person with a resort credit. Is that credit per person??
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    Are we ever going to get an answer if the Resort Credit is per person or per room? Assuming you are charging your room rates per person, wouldn't the Resort Credit be per person also?

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    Another contradiction in their policy as they only offer one credit per double occupancy (room) but charge per person. We know this from past visits when we asked the same question.

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    I don't mean to be patronizing, but let's be real. The "per person" pricing is, of course, a marketing device. Just like a widget for $99.99 is advertised as "under $100!". Airlines advertise one way pricing, you still have to pay for a ticket home. If you run through the Couples reservation process you will get the full double occupancy price for the room before you actually make the reservation. There are no surprises in the final price for your stay. You won't be billed for an amount you did not know before you confirm your booking. If the price turns out to be too much for your budget, don't place the reservation. Simple as that. And as for the Resort Credit being per room or per guest... I am hoping this is an attempt at sarcasm. No, you will not get separate resort credits for each guest in your room.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chief Romance Officer View Post
    In no way does this pricing format affect the couples-only nature of Couples Resorts and the guests coming in pairs
    It absolutely does, whether the intentions are pure or otherwise. There has been a significant increase in the number of singles over the years, despite the singles arriving in a PAIR. A pair is not a couple.

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