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    Default Surprise for New Hubby

    Hi there!

    We are coming for our honeymoon, and I would like to surprise my hubby with something special, maybe a round of golf... Is it possible to tag along without playing? Or are there enough men that play and he will have company? Nothing like bragging that he golfed in Jamaica.. We are going to CSA in a week!!


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    I play golf, but admittedly have not played during any of my trips to Couples. My understanding is that the course, while perfectly fine, is not the type of course that one might write home about. And it can be really, really hot depending on the day. For me, the beach area is so wonderful that I'm not willing to travel inland for a decent, but not amazing, round of golf.

    Unless your soon-to-be-husband is an avid golfer and you think he would really love it, I'd probably surprise him with something more on the romantic side (it's your honeymoon, after all). On our last trip, we did the "100 Candle Dinner" at Ivan's on the cliffs. It was a spectacular setting and gives you a different perspective on Negril if you're otherwise not going to get down to the cliffs area during your trip.

    For what we got, I thought the dinner was reasonably priced, and you'd struggle to find a better setting anywhere. You're on a private peninsula just big enough for your table for two, right on the edge of the cliff looking down on the water. You'll watch the sunset and then they light "100 candles" at and around the table. It a great way to do a meal off resort if you want to try it -- and would be a great surprise (if you think he'd enjoy a candle lit dinner on the cliffs).

    If you're looking for something a bit more adventurous and you are water people, you could always surprise him with something like a night snorkeling trip (or night dive, if you're both certified).

    In the end, you know what he likes and what he might enjoy as a surprise, but for me, spending a hot day away from the beach to play golf would not necessarily wow me (though I'd certainly appreciate the gesture). And if you do go with golf, remember, it's "included" at Couples, meaning your transportation to and from the course, along with green fees, are free. He would have to pay for a cart (assuming he wants one), a caddie (which I understand is mandatory) and, unless he's bringing them with him, rental clubs. I've heard that all told, it typically costs around $100 for the "free" round of golf if you need to rent clubs and want a cart, but others who have actually done it recently could probably provide more exact numbers.

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    I would suggest a private dinner on the beach. You have your own waiter, candle lit walkway to your table and nothing but romance. At least that has been our experience. But, if you're into golfing, like you said, you can say you played in Jamaica. You could also do a private catamaran sunset cruise.

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    Just a heads up, the golf is listed as a free inclusion however, Negril Hills is not really a course you would want to walk, carts are $36. 00, caddies are mandatory, $20.00 for 18 holes and they expect a tip $1.00 a hole, you are also expected to provide your caddies drinks during the round, so your free golf could run you over $75.00 especially if you rent clubs


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    You can go for the day or he will find someone to play with go to the spa and he goes golfing.
    Thats what we have done.


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    Thank you everyone for the advice! We are here and there is so much to choose from in not sure a week is enough time! Thanks again and enjoy your trips!!

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