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    Default What are crowds like at couples san souci?

    Hi all,

    Husband and I are in process of planning our 10th anniversary and considering couples San Souci. Our anniversary is in June, but we hear that weather is ideal in February. Is the resort really crowded in February? Is June less crowded?

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    It's never really crowded but February would be busier than June . We went I n March and it seemed very quiet. Too quiet for us actually. Never have to fight for chairs or shade or never a problem getting a reservation. It's a fabulous place but we missed Negril vibe

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    We've have always gone in April and we were told that they were at full capacity each trip but you would never know it. Never a problem getting reservations for Casanova, beach chairs, entertainment seating, beach bar seating etc.

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    texasgal, San Souci is spread out over approximately 40 aces with only 150 rooms. Even when at full capacity, you rarely notice.....
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    Are spring breakers an issue at all at the resort in March? I'm assuming it wouldn't be an issue at the resort itself but possible elsewhere on the island.

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    When we were there is March, the resort was running at almost 100% capacity, but is still was not crowded. they layout off the resort just lends itself to an intimate, quiet place.

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    Not an issue on resort.

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