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    Default CSS Chef's tasting gourmet evening

    I was reading a review on Tripadvisor and the reviewer mentioned something about a Chef's tasting gourmet evening.

    Anyone have any detail on this?

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    We were just there (CSS) and there wasn't anything like that. They did offer a wine tasting one afternoon. Maybe they have it confused with the Starlight Gala on Friday which certainly offers a gourmet buffet with lots of great tasting food.

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    I mentioned the wine tasting to my wife and she thought there was a charge for this but I don't recall reading that myself, does anyone know if there is in fact a wine tasting charge, or should I stop listening to my wife?

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    When we were at CSS in January we attended the wine tasting, which was free and situated outside the Balloon Bar. We had a selection of wines and some nibbles (to clear the palate) and spent a very enjoyable hour or so with about 15/20 other couples.


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    Thanks for the feedback, am I correct in thinking you can test the wines that you can purchase in the restaurants?

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    There is a cooking course offered one afternoon... perhaps that is what they were referring to.

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    Yes, the wines sampled during the tasting can be purchased at the restaurants...though some are included. Helped us choose the right wine for our dinner at Casanova.

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    Hi domandsonia,

    We offer a cooking class on Wednesdays with a chef preparing a local dish in your presence that you partake of as well..... Bocodo, we also offer Wine tasting on Thursdays and feature wines served in the restaurant and one from our Premium wine list. The wine featured on that day is usually sold at a discounted price in the restaurants.
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