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    Default Ava at CTI

    Does anyone have Ava's email address at CTI that they can give me? I finally found her business card from years ago, but it didn't work. Thanks in advance!

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    I also would love this info.
    Ava is a real jewel.


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    HI TOMMYWOMMY!! I can't help you with the email address but My Husband and I were at Tower Isle October 5-10 and I got your comment on the MB. I said a BIG hello to Ava from you!! she said to tell you that she is "putting more people to work" She is great and we LOVED it there.

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    This is the address I last had and hasn't kicked back yet.

    Bonnie and Mike

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    DavenRach..Isn't Ava just the cat's meow..Such a hard working beautiful young lady and did indeed work my butt off at CTI..LOL
    Peggy and I really enjoyed CTI and it's staff so much.

    bonz1962...Thanks so much..I will email Ava.

    Rastamon...I have emailed you.


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    OK it is confirmed heard from Ava this morning. You can contact her at the above e-mail

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    Me and my CTI love.
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    Ava is one of the main reasons we return to CTI every year, we love staying in touch with her throughout the year. She's the best!!!

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