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    I know you can't request a certain room. We try to always book bottom floor rooms in beach condos. I understand you probably will not see the beach in the garden rooms, but would like your thoughts on staying in bottom floor rooms. We really enjoy them at the beach. Kinda hoping to get one at CN if possible and if everyone else liked having a bottom floor.

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    We had a bottom floor room in building 9, but not sure of the classification. We liked the walk out patio with a slight view of the water and a straight up view of the fish pond. We would do this room again in a heart beat. The unfortunate thing is...we won't returning until 2017 for our 25 wedding anni. The good news is we will go for two weeks and do a split stay between a few of the resorts, probably CSA, CN, then end up at CSS. Our travel companions are not into AN so that could present a small problem but nothing too big. We can still partake while the go to the other beach.

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    You can ask for a first floor room at check-in but you may not get it. We have stayed on all three floors. All good. I like them all for different reasons. I think all the garden rooms are great- so peaceful.

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    I've been on the first floor in Blgds 1 and 7. I liked both of them. Especially 7 as we would just go in and out of our patio door. We just had to make sure we had our key with us as the housekeeper would lock the door.

    That being said I've also stayed in 2nd and 3rd floor rooms. All are great!
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    We stayed in the Deluxe Garden Room on the second floor and we actually had a decent view of the ocean and the spa area/gardens. It was actually one of our favourate rooms so far of all 3 resorts we've stayed at. It was centrally located and near everything. I like being up higher than the ground floor because it seems more private and we were lucky to get a partial ocean view that we wouldn't have seen if we were on the bottom floor.

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