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    We wish to return to a couples resort next year for our 25th wedding anniversary. Which resort is best for someone that loves to golf? What is the cost? How easy is it to access?

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    CMstreet, I believe golf is included at all couples resorts. If you go to each resorts page and click on the activities for each resort, it should let you know what is available. I know there may be a cost for caddies, club rental and other incidentals. Hope this helps.

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    CMstreet, I can only give you my thoughts on golfi at Negril Hills which is relatively close to CSA. It is promoted as an included activity however, the only things that are included is transportation to and from (you ARE expected to tip the driver ) and the greens fees. Caddies are mandatory (I think I remember $20.00 per person one caddie per cart) carts are $36.00 for 18 holes (It is called Negril Hills for a reason, I wouldn't even attempt to walk the course in that heat and humidity) club rental was $20 for a decent set (Taylor Made that were kind of beat up, we brought our own) Caddies expect a tip, the caddie fees go to the course. You are expected to provide a beverage for the caddies when the beverage cart comes around. So expect to lay out around $65.00 for your FREE round of golf. If the golfer in your life is used to high end, top notch conditions then save the money, have them sit at the pool bar and daydream of their last best golf outing, hope this helps ;-)

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    CMstreet, I have not played during our previous trips to Couples Negril, but I plan to on our next visit in October. Here is what I know. There is a free shuttle to the golf course that leaves the resort around 8am every morning. I don't think you need to make formal arrangements for this, but I will be asking at the front desk when I am on site. The shuttle takes you to the course and picks you up from there sometime after noon. I'm not certain of that time. The greens fees are paid, but you have to pay for and tip the caddie. I bring my own clubs (custom fitted) so club rental is not a cost for me. I will be attempting to walk the course with my caddie. Because of that I will be tipping a little extra. I just like walking a golf course. I'm weird that way. All in all I expect the round to cost about $50. $20 caddie fee. $20 caddie tip. $10 drinks.

    In Negril the course is Negril Hills and in Ocho Rios it is the Upton course. I played the Upton course 10+ years ago when staying at Sandals. I remember it being a very nice layout in good condition. I have not played Negril Hills. From what I have read it seems that Upton is the somewhat nicer course.

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    I played Upton while staying at Couples Tower Isle three times over our last two visits there (Dec ’13 and Nov ’14). Previous posters are correct about “free” not being free once you include caddie fee, caddie tip, and the like. I will say, you can very easily get away with not having a cart at Upton unless you’re way out of shape. The course is in very nice condition, is challenging without being punitive, and most of the caddies are very knowledgeable. Bring cash… about $65 if you’re playing with your own clubs. The caddie fee can be paid with a credit card, but not much else.

    One tip I can provide that will help make your round much faster than the already lightning speed (I’ve been done in 3 hours there), is to take a taxi to the course before the shuttles from Sandals and Couples arrive. The taxi shouldn’t cost more than $10, but will save you time in line and to tee off. That is, when three different vans from the resorts all come at once at 8:00am or whatever time it is, the lines can get crazy in the clubhouse. Then waiting to tee off all at once is a bit of nonsense too. They’re very good at managing it, but by spending a few bucks on the taxi, you can avoid all that and get back to the resort a whole lot faster, and back to enjoying your time there. If you can find another couple or another player to share that taxi, all the better…

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    AlexJason have it right. Take a taxi to the course. But I think is was $50 round trip from CTI.
    Find another couple to share the cost and it is more than worth it.
    Best caddie I have had is Fabian. Tell him Jack the fisherman from Canada set you.


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