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    Default 33 years going to Couples

    From August of 1982 at Couples Jamaica to our most recent trip to CSA in April 2015.
    31 total trips for me, 8 for Suzi. Something for everyone in these pictures. Enjoy.

    Click here for the photos
    Ricky Ginsburg
    On the web, always open

    Boca Raton, Florida
    (just a 75 minute plane flight from paradise)

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    Thanks for the pictures and stories , they were great. Our first trip to Sans Souci we loved it so much I booked our return trip while we were there. We have been to CSS 3 times but are heading to CN in December as a split stay with CSS. I am sure we will love Negril side but Sans Souci is our home.

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    Thanks for the trip back in time, wonderful pictures- id say this, you both have aged well ! probably has something to do with the frequent trips... mike

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    Wow thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful photos and memories! It looks wonderful! We took our first trip to CTI in Nov 2013 and this Nov 2015 we are taking our first trip to CSA and we just canít wait! We booked a garden verandah suite and are looking forward to the lush foliage! Any advice or tips?? Thanks again for sharing! 204 more days!

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    Aged well? Thank you, Mike...I think lol! I've only been going with Ricky since we met in 2011. Prior to that, he went with his late wife. I could not understand how someone could go to the same place twice a year, year after year. It took me about 3 days on my first trip on October 2011 to figure it out! ��

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