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    Default First time Tower Isle - room advice


    this will be our first time and we are unsure which sea view to book. Our agent describes them as either limited sea view, deluxe with sea view or Premier sea view - but decriptions on the website here are different. Can any one tell us which is which, and which is best as there is a big cost difference. We are wondering between limited sea view or deluxe as wont be in the room that much!!

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    My 2 spend very little time in your room, save the $$ and stay an extra day or two, Tower Isle is a great first timer resort stop in the Couples chain.

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    You can see the ocean just as great from the so called limited view as the direct view in fact some of the direct view have trees blocking the rooms.

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    We have stayed in deluxe for the past 78 out of 80trips to CTI only because thats were we originally stayed for our honeymoon. It's only nostalgic. As you said you are not in your room that much. What I think is most important is that you get as close as possible to all areas where you will spend a lot of time(restaurants, patio, piano bar, main pool, etc. Save you money for an extra night or better yet a return to Couples. You'll want to go back!

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    I dont understand why TAs dont use the hotel's own descriptions. In the UK, Thomson is the usual culprit.

    Anyway, from your description I would think that the "limited sea view" relates to the Superior Rooms, the "Deluxe" to the Deluxe and "Premier" to the Premier. The difference is that the Superior ones are in Block 5 and overlook the cove next door to TI. The Deluxe are in Blocks 1 and 4. Block 4 looks straight out over the pool with the swim up bar. Block 1 is at a slight angle to the sea and overlooks the main pool and sea. Premier are in Blocks 2 and 3. Block 2 is the newest block and Block 3 has the best views, straight out to Tower Island. I agree with Bostonwalt, you wont spend much time in your room.But if you choose Superior ask for a high floor when you do the pre-check in (and ask again when you actually arrive) because if you get a room towards the back of the block on a lower floor then its likely to be dark and overhung with greenery.

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    Other than the Garden View (which face away from the beach), the Superior rooms are the only ones that don't face the ocean directly (North). They are in Building 5 and face West. They may have a limited sea view but appear to have a view of the coastline (I have never stayed in one).

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    I are in your room very little....our first trip was to CTI Nov 2013 and we just got the garden view room and were very happy with it!

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    We are willing to pay for the view the first time and save the money or extend the trip on future visits. We stayed in the Premier Ocean room for our first trip to TI in January 2015. A great full view of the Island and also overlooking the main pool's old diving board/water fall. As most people will say - we spent little time in the room. Next trip we will go with the Deluxe Garden room

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    We've stayed at CTI twice, both times in a now named Premier Ocean room. I requested an upper floor in the main lobby building and received it both times. I really loved not only the direct view of the island from my balcony, but also the feeling of being in a grand old hotel. Loved walking the wide stairway and hallways. For me a premier room in the main building is well worth the extra cost.

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    People here seem to fret way too much about the room. Yes, we want a decent view on our dream vacation. But consider this.

    Our typical day at any Couples resort we have been to.

    I am an early riser, my wife isn't. I will get up between 7:30 and 8, get dressed, and go have breakfast. After breakfast, I will go back to the room and enjoy the view from the balcony while having a cup of coffee. By about 9:30, my wife is up. She will eat the fruit I brought her and we will get into our beach attire. We are on the beach by about 10:30. Or depending upon the day, we may have an off resort excursion scheduled. We will be out of the room for most of the day.

    At around 5PM, we will go back to the room, take a shower, get dressed for the evening, then leave the room. We may take a walk around the property before dinner, or maybe go straight to dinner. No set schedule. After dinner we may take another walk while waiting for the entertainment for the night to begin. After the main entertainment finishes, we usually go to whatever after hours entertainment is available. Beach bonfire, movie on the beach, the piano bar, etc. It may be midnight before we get back to the room. The next day, we start over again.

    So honestly, other than sleeping, how much time do we really spend in the room on our typical day in paradise? Maybe 2 hours at best. So why fret so much on a room when you will spend so little time there?

    Yes, get a decent room, but don't worry so much about getting the perfect room because you won't be there very much. Who wants to spend most of their time in paradise sitting in your room?

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    At CTI, we love the deluxe room views of the ocean...very direct, great breeze, and they are not a lot higher priced than the garden rooms, so we personally think they are worth the price.

    At CN however, because of limited views at angles and much higher prices of the ocean rooms, we opt for the garden rooms.

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    The water views at Tower Isle are spectacular, so we would always choose either a Deluxe or Premier Room. I can't even imagine being in a Garden Room at CTI (I don't know about the Superior Room and how it's view compares.)

    But Negril? Save the money, stay in a Garden view.

    CTI - 2013
    CN - 2015

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    Deluxe booked, decided to go for the middle choice! Only 86 days until we arrive as newbies to Couples for 14 nights in the sun

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    Maybe I'm on the young side (mid-30's) but when I "fret" about choice of a room, my reasoning is romance-related. I know we plan to spend ample time on the beach/pool/excursions, but part of the reason for the vacation is to get away from the kiddos and enjoy uninterrupted "couple" time! I hope I'm not alone...!

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    Default Booking De Luxe Ocean

    Quote Originally Posted by mandb211 View Post
    Deluxe booked, decided to go for the middle choice! Only 86 days until we arrive as newbies to Couples for 14 nights in the sun
    Come back to the board after your vacation and report on your choice of De Luxe Ocean Room and your Couples experience.

    We were in a De Luxe Ocean room on the second floor of Building 4 last year and loved it, even though a palm tree obstructed our view somewhat; but, this was not an issue since we could see out to the island from our bed or when we sat on the porch. In any case, we did not spend much time in our room.

    We did have a Premier Ocean room for two nights during our stay but did not like it at all (even though it was more expensive). We preferred the De Luxe Ocean Room, even with the palm tree.

    Glad to know you are staying for 14 nights. I have thought always that a minimum vacation should be for 10 days. I know you will enjoy it at CTI.

    By the way: whatever your thoughts, do try the island. You won't know unless you go (on the first day; not the last.).

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    Yay! We just stayed in a Deluxe last week and loved it. We were on the third floor, so we only had the tops of the palm trees just off to one side. While it would have been nice to have been a slightly shorter walk to everything or an obstructed view of the island, we'd definitely stay in the Deluxe again for that perfect mix of quiet and view.
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