I know, I know - vacation faux pas. Put the laptop away and unplug. But I also know that in anticipation of our first return "home" to CSA (our first trip was for our honeymoon in May 2012), I once again stalked these message boards in hopes it would help make the wait time until our return to paradise a little less painful. I will of course post a full review when we return next week (in between browsing pricing for a return trip I am already campaigning the hubby to let us book for next year), but suffice it to say that CSA is just as wonderful as it was on our first trip, if not more so.

Time to put down the computer and head to Patois for some banana french toast before snorkeling...if you are reading this from your house/office/phone and counting the days, hang in there! You will be here soon enough and it will be worth the wait!!!