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Thread: Dec 2-10, 2016

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    Thinking about booking a visit to Couples Negril Dec 2-10, 2016. First time in Jamaica!!!! Couple of questions, How far out do people book? Is the resort crowded that time of year because that is what we are looking for. We love to meet new people and have a great time. Thanks!

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    1. 18 to 24 months in advance to take advantage of the rates and resort credits
    2. We have been to CN in May, Oct and Dec (x2). December is our favorite time of year.
    3. Yes, they are usually full. It has been nice seeing folks we have met during the previous years.

    Returning Dec 2015
    CN, Oct 2012, CN May 2013, CN Dec 2013, CN Dec 2014, CN Dec 2015, CN Dec 2016, CN Dec 2017, CN Dec Dec 2018, CN Dec 2019 (COIVD Cancelled 2020) Booked CN Dec 2021

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    We are booked for Dec 2-10 2016!!! Cant wait!!!!

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