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    Hello when we were at CSA last Jan the dive guys were saying that CSA was getting nitrox. Does anyone know if this happened? Also can anyone tell us if Captain Wade, Francis, Anthony, Chris and Kung Foo are still there?,
    Todd & Jenn

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    We were there in June and my husband dove every day. He says they are not setup for nitrox (or at least weren't in June). The dive team was Capt Jack and Kung fun panda. He doesn't remember there being a Capt Wade, Francis, or Anthony.

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    We were there the last week of Sep and no nitrox yet. Wade, Franz, Anthony, Chris and Kung Foo are all there.

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    Hi, We were also told they would like to get nitrox, but not yet. Anthony has been pushing for nitrox at CSA. It would be a great benefit for every diver. We usually go for 2-3 weeks and it would be great to get Nitrox!!! How bout it Randymon.

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    there is something here I don't understand.... I've been out of diving for a bit and now I'm curious. There isn't much deep diving at all around Negril, and I've never heard anybody at CSA coming close to their nitrogen limits before before their tank gets down to 200 PSI.... even if they are diving everyday. Why all the interest in Nitrox?

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    we are at CN right now and CN is filling CSA's as of right now, no nitrox

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    Spiff you are right to be a little confused on this subject. Nitrox is important in certain dive profiles, such as multiple dives over repetitive days when diving say 60-100 feet for an hour each dive. You go deeper than that you risk oxygen toxicity depending on the mix you have. So actually there are a few divers who do dive 2 dives a day each for 40 mins for say 5 or 6 days in a row, Nitrox would help them, I would suggest though it is more for those doing longer and more dives a day. (But it certainly will help those who do fewer and shorter dives.) The difficulty is Nitrox is an expensive and more dangerous tank fill. Therefore the resort would not be able to offer this free of charge in my opinion. Secondly you need a very well protected and specialized fill station due to explosion and fire danger. Lastly the people filling and using and instructing all require special certification. I think it would be great if CSA got Nitrox however I completely understand why it would be a difficult thing to implement and keep as an investment which at a minimum would break even. There is currently only one Nitrox station on the island in Runaway Bay.

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    spiff542, firstly there are lots of deep dives in negril. The staff will only take those who have a certification level that matches deep dives. There are 20 deep dive sites which have not been officailly named. Nitrox is a blend of oxygen and nitrogen which is mixed to the desired level depending on what depth you have planned.
    Nitrox is very cheap and under $2500us dollars to add a conversion kit to a currently used compressor.
    Yes divers using Nitrox need to be trained but its easy.
    There are four nitrox filling stations in jamaica, four trimix instructors and around 20 Nitrox instructors. CSA has one trimix and one nitrox instructor. You can be certified Nitrox in one day and do your studying online. Nitrox has alot of health benifits with diving and is the only air source in most dive industries today! Jamaica is way behind the times.
    current staff at CSA are Wade(boat Capt) Kung fu Panda(divemaster) Shaggy(divemaster) kunta kintea(divemaster) Franz (instructor) Anthony (instructor) and Dalton (Manager/ Instructor. CSA compressor is down and they are looking at buying a new one (who knows could be Nitrox compatible).

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    I for one would pay extra for Nitrox.

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    Here's a contrarian point of view.

    I still don't really understand the need for it at Couples.. On a live aboard dive trip or a vacation that did repeated wreck dives to 70 feet, then yes Nitrox is great. I definitely can see the advantage there .. but the fact of the matter is the daily trip dive profiles at Couples seem to be set up to keep everyone pretty far away from their NDL's even if you are doing every single dive. I use a dive computer to track mine, and I never came close to a bottom time limit at Couples... tank pressure has always been the limiting factor. And I also don't see what additional fun could be had if the second dive was changed to the same profile as the first. Personally, I think in the Carribean, the best sight seeing is at thirty feet or less. Better light, more life, and more color. I just don't see the gain justifying the costs by going to nitrox in this situation. Especially since I believe people are only rarely approaching their NDL's. Its sort like paying to put a Nascar roll cage and racing harnesses in your grandmother's car to make her "extra safe".

    I guess that maybe you could turn both dives everyday into two tank dives...

    maybe then! ...but I just good as Nitrox is... and it is a good thing.. This is just not the right application for it.

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    My reasons I prefer NITROX diving are:

    1. Less nitrogen

    2. Less post dive fatigue

    3. Because of the advanced filters and equipment added to the
    compressor the air I’m breathing is cleaner

    4. I prefer my fatigue to come from Couples red flag service

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    From my understanding Spiff, Couples is not going to put Nitrox at every Hotel, I think its just Swept away.
    The demand for it at Swept Away is high as the level of divers and the experience of the divers is of a higher standard than the average joe who wants a quick dive and finishes his or her air in 20 minutes. The good thing about having the capability of nitrox is for the huge number of people that request versus the ones that dont understand it. You can do your dives and they could do their dives. As for couples thinking about this it shows you that they actually care about their Guests/divers. This link should help everyone understand Nitrox better.

    I would definately pay extra for Nitrox.

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