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    Default Is 22 Too Young?

    Hello all!

    My girlfriend and I are planning a vacation for November of this year, to celebrate our 5-year anniversary. We came across the Couples resorts and they look absolutely amazing. Easily in our top 5 choices for affordable resorts. We were looking at CSA.

    However own main concern is our age. We are both 22 years old and don't want to feel out of place if we're going to a resort like this. We view ourselves as "older on the inside, younger on the outside". We are definitely not big party people. My main goal is to avoid the "spring break / college group party" crowd. We also want to avoid noisy kids running around us. While of course, we like to have a good time, the sloppy drunk scene is not for us. We would love to have both relaxation and lively-fun where possible. Meaning...if we want a quiet day on the beach, reading and drinking, I want that available. If we're in the mood to hangout pool-side and drink with music playing and maybe participate in volleyball or other games with other people, I would like that available. In the evening...I would like to have both quiet relaxation (Sitting together listening to the water) and some more lively fun where possible. We're not really dancers.

    With that said, do you think 22 year olds would be way out of place?

    Side question: How is it in November & December? In terms of activity? I've read stories of resorts 'shutting down' when there are very few people there (i.e. only a few restaurants open, limited bars, etc).

    Thank you!
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    I don't think you'd be uncomfortable or out of place. Lots of 20-somethings there (as well as 30, 40, and 50-somethings).

    November / December would be high season so I doubt you'd find anything shut down or unavailable.

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    I don't think 22 is too young. Personally, I wish we had discovered Couples at that age. What you have described is our typical trip to couples. Some relaxing, some volleyball, some drinks... We are not pool people so I cannot speak to music at the pool, but I don't recall hearing any when we walked by at CSS or CN.

    We have gone in late October and November and the resort was active. No item were shut down. I would expect the December period to have slightly more guests, so I cannot see anything being closed.

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    We are just the other way around. Old on the outside young on the inside. We have made good friends with people as young as 24 while at CSA. I was even the best man at their wedding later in the week. We also went on several off resort trips with them. Even met back at CSA a few years later because we missed each other. Age is truly just a number at Couples. You can get all the things you like at any of the resorts but CSA will knock your socks off.

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    We have been to CSA twice.

    You will find adult couples of all ages at any Couples resort. The key word here is Couples. Nearly all of the activities on the resort are couples oriented. Couples is kind of laid back. Not really a Spring Break atmosphere.

    We like kids, but not while on vacation. Adult couples only at this resort, no kids. The only kids you will see is on the beach. This is because in Jamaica, the area near the water is considered public. You will find people from other resorts, including children passing through the resort near the beach. But they are not allowed to go up towards the resort. These people will be just passing through.

    There are places to go to party if you want and quiet places also. You can drink as much or as little as you like.

    There are also lots of activities that are included that cost extra at many other resorts. There are some activities that you must sign up for in advance.

    There will be a volleyball games every day. They also will have couples oriented games.

    We like to go snorkeling. You can go as often as you like. They go out twice per day. Space is limited and you must get on their signup sheet. Find the water sports shack on the beach.

    We also like the Catamaran Cruise. Sort of a booze cruise but a lot of fun. You must sign up for this in advance also. Find the concierge desk for that.

    Most of the restaurants do not require reservations, but some do. Also, some restaurants will have a dress code. Find the concierge desk to make your reservations. But you can not do this before you arrive at the resort. These reservations are tied to your room number so you can not make them until after you have checked in and have a room number assigned.

    We like the bonfire on the beach. Nothing like being on the beach at night with your significant other around a bonfire and listening to a performer playing soft music.

    We like the movie night on the beach. Snuggled up with your significant other on the beach watching a movie.

    We usually will go to whatever entertainment they have on the main stage every night. Get there early on the night the Silver Birds are there so you get a good seat.

    If you go to CSA, you must pay the Ultimate Chocolate a visit.

    Most of the resort will close up around midnight. But if you would like to stay up late there is a disco that is supposed to stay open until the last people leave.

    If you would like a late night snack there is the Cabana Grille. It is open from 11 PM to 5 AM. Also from 11 AM to 6 PM. No dress code. Swimwear is even appropriate.

    In general, we usually didn't see a lot of people using the main pool. There were more people near the Pool Bar.

    People your age would not feel out of place.

    Something to know about Couples. Many of the people on the resort will be repeat guests, some have gone to this resort dozens of times. I think this speaks volumes about the Couples resorts. So if you go once, you may find yourselves going back over and over and over... After our first trip to Couples we now have a running vacation fund to save up for our return.

    Only 295 more days until we return to paradise.

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    No, 22 is not too young.

    From what you've described you're looking for, you have chosen the perfect resort. You have described both CSA and CN to a "T".

    To your second question, November and December are the beginning of high season. Everything will be open. The resorts will be nearly full, but even at full capacity, they are never crowded. There is a lot of land for each person. No high rise buildings, so they don't hold a lot of people.
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    Are you too young? Absolutely not. My son and his girlfriend tagged along with us to CTI one year during reading week and had a great time. They were around 20 and although college age, were NOT looking for a party. Just a good beach and relaxation. You will not be out of place at Couples.

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    Perfect for you !

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    CSA would be perfect for you. Plenty of opportunity to relax during the day, and the best nightlife of all four Couples. And being on Long Bay, you have easy access to get out and explore a little.

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