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    What are your favorite little secret spots at Couples Resorts to be alone with your SO. Away from the crowds where you can be passionate.

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    Late evening on the balcony.

    The music of the tree frogs in the background.

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    On the balcony in the hammock...thats why will always book a suite!

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    I have yet to hear a squeaky bed.

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    If I told you, then it wouldn't be a secret.

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    Near the Hottub at Sunset Beach after 9pm...IF there is no event happening. Sunset is usually deserted so you can have some great "us" time. And no....we don't get the hottub yucky.


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    The hammock at SSB late at night only a few feet from the ocean.

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    Before the makeover there were 2 giant swinging baskets out on the front lawn....made for some very interesting swinging. The jungle hot tubs were also alot of fun.
    Haven't found that special place since the makeover. Have 10 days in May to find it though.

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    On our first trip to CTI - We were having a twighlight couples massage out in the grassy area close to the old spa. We were about 20 minutes into the massage and we began to hear body parts slapping together! It was happening on the balcony somewhere above. The ladys who were giving us our massages were giggling... Fuunnnny!

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