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    Default March maniacs 2016

    YA MON, so a new reach, just booked Tuesday march 8th thru Saturday march 18. 11 nights, so hopefully to see all of the newbies as well as the repeaters out on the beach and around the resort, I will assume robin will do the spread sheet as she has done in the past, I talked to her and she booked before I did, ya mon, wayne and jan

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    Oops, tuesday march 8 to saturday march 19th , 11 nights, wayne

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    Let the count down begin !!!
    Booked for Saturday March 5th to Tuesday March 15th.
    Looking forward to seeing all my peeps on the beach... Wayne and Jan, Brent and Gieselle, Betty and John, Susie and Peter... who else is with us???
    Yippie for all of us... spread sheet to come at a later date...
    Soon come

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    ya mon, just wanted to make a post so that our march maniacs doesn't fall off the page, bless up

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    We just booked. March 5 - 12. The original 6, from Peoria, will all be there. Dan & Bea's married kids are coming, along with Bea's brother and his wife. We will have a big crowd!!

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    We will be there for our first time from March 10th -24th. 2016 cannot come quick enough

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    I'm back and will be sending out the spread sheet soon...
    We have an update to our trip... still coming in on March 5th and due to the Charters changing again this year... we have to stay an extra night, now leaving on Wed. March 16th.. what a shame
    Yazmon, (Scott).. so happy to hear we will see you and the gang again next year...

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    Will be there Feb 27 too mar 5 first time travelers too the resort

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    We just book our airfare. We get in on March 5th at 1:45, on Delta. Club MoBay and then Tim Air to Negril. We should be on the beach by 3 pm.

    Robin- What time do you get in on the 5th??

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    We are booked from Feb 27th to March 5th. Be missing some of you, but will cross path with others.

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    Only 20 more Fridays until Swept Away.

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    Steve & Anne returning to CSA from the UK 16-23 March 2016. only 1 week this time. Watch out for us trying to hit backhand winners on the Tennis Courts! CSA has the best tennis set up in the Carribean frankly. We are mad keen social players from Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire. We both love the Dirty Bananas drinks before snorkelling, I like the Mexico reef best. I promise you all I will try not to get too carried away later singing in the Piano Bar, cause I'm awful, but brilliant in the shower!

    We love the CSA vibe and frankly combines Sport activities with relaxing perfectly. I'm just jaw struck always about that beach cause it's the best in the world.

    Look forward to meeting you all soon......


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    ya mon, merry Christmas to all of the march maniacs, only 2 months left

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    Since we are going Saturday to Saturday this year, we have 10 more Fridays to go!! Soon come.

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    Hubby and I will be there March 12-19, 7th time to Jamaica, 3rd time to CSA. We cannot wait!

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    Me again. Gonna surprise my Mrs. Upgraded us to the beachfront verandah suite on the beach. Also did the Mobay airport meet & greet & Tim air transfers to Negril. Spending a lot of me bonus money. Skint now in January & big car repair bills coming! But she,sdefinitely worth it, gonna get told off so bad by "she who must be obeyed". Trying not to tell her until we are on that Thomson 9 HR flightknocking back the booze straight from my home town into MBJ. See you Around from 16 - 23 March. Pub Crawl anyone.......

    Doing what we call dry January here in the UK. Celebrate with my 1st beer Feb 5th !

    9 weeks & 2 days of work to go, I will survive year end &auditors!

    Over & out

    Steve & Anne

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    Hi guys, just logged into this site for the first time, we will be new to CSA, arriving 3 March for 14 wonderful nights travelling in from UK, looking forward to meeting you all. Debbie

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    Default Oops

    Sorry double post
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    My first time logging on as well! My Lady and I will be arriving March 19th for our second stay at CSA. We were there sept 2014 and we've been dying to return! We're counting down.. 59 days!!!
    We thought of trying one of the other couples resorts for this trip, but honestly we just didn't get enough of swept away last time!
    I'm planning on proposing this time. Hopefully first night on the beach!

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    First time to Swept Away but had an amazing time at CSS a few years back! Any advise from return guests would be welcomed! Just booked this trip to get away from the weather here and can't wait to see the beach, 50 days until paradise!

    NAME- Ray & Allyson
    AGE - 45 and 41
    DATES OF TRAVEL- 3/17 - 24
    TRIPS TO CSS - 1st time to CSS (2nd time to couples resort, Sans Souci)
    WHERE ARE YOU FROM - Philadelphia suburbs
    WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO? - The Beach, drinks, and relaxation

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    Hey Steve, did someone say pub crawl!?! If you are planning anything or have info let us know. 3/17-24 stay

    I got an update from Lenbert - Bus is available on 3/18 & 20, leaves hotel at 2:30, back right after sunset. Allyson & I are in!

    Check out Trip Advisor for more info, but sounds awesome!

    Cheers! Ray
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    Drum roll please....the long awaited spread sheet for all of us March Maniacs....
    Only 3 more FF's and it can not come soon enough... will be doing some pre-packing this weekend and hooking up with my peeps Wayne and Jan in Beaver Dam for dinner on Sat. night...
    If you need me to update/change anything on the spread sheet, let me know...

    Soon come

    March Maniacs 2016.xls

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    18 days until CSA. Ya Mon!! 4" of snow yesterday. Not too bad. Only our second real snow fall of the season.

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    Yazmon... almost the single digit dance... are you still doing your FF's with Dan & Bea? Joe & I will be getting into MoBay around the same time you do... is your whole clan coming in on the same flight?

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    Hi Robin. Will be there Feb.28 til the 9th.

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