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Thread: Sunglasses..??

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    I broke a nice pair on one trip and was pleasently surprised that a replacement pair was very reasonable (<$20) in the gift shop. Still have those.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boomer49 View Post
    Kevinm....I guess I'm slow....what is LOTO??
    And it was just a poll to past the time, There are advantages to both trains of thought.
    Lake Of The Ozarks

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    I bring my good sunglasses because we are in the sun so much. Don't want to risk my eyes when I need protection most. I have dropped those sunglasses several times while floating in the water but luckily the water is usually less than 6 feet deep and its easy to see the bottom and pick them up.

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    I think him meant did your Bawhhhahahah mean laughing our tail off LOTO

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    We think the water is beautiful when looking at it through a good pair of polorized glasses. We always take polarized Oakley's. Came close to breaking them a few times playing volleyball.

    Life is good

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    Kevinm....Nope Pomme De Terre.....had a couple nice places down there.

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    Bad eyes + can't use contacts = good sunglasses

    I bring multiple pairs "just in case".

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    I lived a lot of my life by the "cheap sunglasses" rule. Mostly because due to fear of loss or breakage. Then I got a pair of Maui Jims at Costco for $80 bucks or so. Wow. Fell in love with them and protected them like they were one of my children. Funny thing was I discovered that they held up better than the cheapies. Not as easy to scratch. My eyes thanked me for the purchase.

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    I've brought a single pair of good sunglasses every time we've gone to the Caribbean. Never lost or damaged a pair in 25+ years.
    Obviously, if you know you're prone to mishaps, that would change the equation.

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