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    Default Should I "reserve" a lounger/palapa?


    I really hate to ask this question, since it seems to spark such vigorous debate. In 30+ years of vacationing, I have never left towels or belongings on a chair to reserve it for later use. I gather that this is common practice, however, at Couples in particular and in Jamaica in general.

    I don't want to feel like a jerk "reserving" a chair that I'm not actively using, but if that is the common practice, I guess I'll either need to go with the flow or risk not being able to find a set of chairs in a desirable spot. By the lack of comment from Couples on the various threads about this, I suspect you really don't want to take a position on this one way or the other, but can you verify that the "reserving" of chairs by means of getting up at 5am and putting out a towel is NOT necessarily something that is frowned upon by the resort management?



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    I will be watching this one for a reply from management. I will admit that during our first trip to CSA in 2010 that I did play the towel game on our last day.
    The day before my wife passed out from heat stroke and I wanted to make certain we could find shade the next day. I hit the beach at 6:15 am and got the last palapa that was available. Good Luck Zuke

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    Good luck with this question.

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    Hello all,

    Thank you for the question and I agree, this one has been quite the popular subject and the management team has been talking about this issue in depth, and I promise to shed new light as it arises.

    As it stands now, all beach umbrellas, palapas and chairs on the beach are first come first serve. In this case, the early bird gets the worm. You are welcome to wake up early and place a towel or belonging on a chair in order to 'reserve' it. However, we do ask respect for other guests in that others do not leave their items on the chairs all day without returning. This way, everyone can enjoy the items equally.

    Personally, I never have a problem with finding a seat on the beach. I usually meander to the beach around 11 or so and have never had trouble finding a spot to sit. (Across all four resorts). I don't personally agree with "saving" seats, so I choose not to do so... but that is just my two cents!
    CRO, Couples Resorts

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    Thank you, Carrie. I appreciate the straightforward response.

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