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    Default Live from CN! (April 2015 edition)

    Smooth travels to CN, arrived before noon. Updates to come...

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    When I went on my morning run I left my room key with Damian (security). When I got back he said "your man was here yesterday." "My man?" I asked. "President Obama...we are very proud that he came to Jamaica."

    <not a political comment>"I love President Obama" I replied, "I am proud that he is my president." </non-politics>.

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    Donnavon Dalrymple is quite spirited this morning! Good times...he is a Negril treasure.

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    As fresh as it gets..."Cigarettes on the Beach" just now.

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    Awesome! Can't wait to get there....just 6 more days.

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    Day on beach>pool bar>Lychee>sleep

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    We dodged a storm yesterday afternoon! You could see in the southern sky (and it was later confirmed) there was a big thunderstorm at CSA. Also big, dark clouds and storms north of us. We stayed on the beach and rain free until well after 3:00. Great beach day.
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    Did the morning snorkel trip with Jovane today. He is such a great guy, a great friend and one of the reasons why we love CN.

    I haven't figured out how to post photos from the iPhone so I just might keep posting for a few days after getting home.

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    Every trip has a different vibe...partially based upon us, other guests, weather, and who knows whatever else. This trip has had a decidedly Donnavon Dalrymple vibe. He is playing and singing better than ever.

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    Disregard any rumors you may hear about the goings on during the Piano Bar singalong last night.

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    Aw, man, do I ever miss listening to Donovan. The last time we were there, 2 different people brought him guitars, goes to show how much he is loved and admired. The people bringing them were musicians and would get up and play the guitar with him and sing during there stay, then presented it to him when they left. Was a great show, dare I say better than the stage shows. Keep reporting Bert I have a long 309 days till I am back home.

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    Donnavon was fun again today, smroot.

    Ohio State might have a national football championship, but RU has Donnavon! (I know it is hard to tell us apart, but he is on the left)
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    I seem to be having issues posting properly..,

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    Great Picture, and I'm glad you pointed out Donnovan . As I recall my wife was singing along and helping in with Almost Heaven West Virginia. That could have been at Couples Swept Away though, our Home away from home Away from home, home. Mull that one over a few rum creams. Is good Mon!

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    Love reading your "Live" posts!!! any gossip about the upcoming construction next door?

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    Looks great and thanks for all the updates! We will be there in 20 days. Any word on the construction project next door?

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    Drink revelations of this trip:

    1) Hummingbird...delicious. It has replaced the Dirty Banana for the time being. I am looking forward to making them for neighbors back home (you know, for those quaint, Saturday morning cocktail socials).

    2) Cointreau Cosmo - thanks for Dee (& Steve) for turning us on to this drink in the Piano Bar (later confirmed by Denise & Nick at the Beach Bar).

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    On our flight down, my wife had an aisle seat with another couple next to her. By the end of the flight they had figured out that we would all be at CN together. We had a great few days hanging with Doug & Rebecca from CT. Early prediction: they will be repeaters.

    We also spent so good times with John & Lisa from OH (I posted the Donnavon Rutgers picture for those buck nuts ).
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    We upgraded our 25 minute repeater massages to 50 the treehouse. It was great (as always). Halfway through when the masseuse saw my toes she laughed and said "I remember you from your toes." (Jamaican flags on big toes...I would post a picture but I get a message telling me I have reached my limit...can't figure out how to reduce size when posting from iPhone)

    Temporary rain delay, heading back to the beach then a private cruise later.

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    A double-whammy:

    There was a break in the rain, so we headed back to the beach. It was a short beach stop as the rain drove us back. We got to the room and found our eviction notice on the door. DRATS! I have yet to figure out how to make a CN trip forever. (the reality being we are grateful to be here )

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    [QUOTE=Ohio State might have a national football championship, but RU has Donnavon! (I know it is hard to tell us apart, but he is on the left)[/QUOTE]

    Glad you are enjoying your vacation! I just had to comment because our Daughter is currently a Scarlet Knight (New Brunswick Campus)! Our closet is full of RU apparel!

    Swept Away Nov/Dec 08' - Swept Away Jun 10'
    Swept Away Oct 11' - Swept Away Jun 15'
    Swept Away Aug 17' - Negril Aug 17'
    Tower Isle Nov 18' - Sans Souci Dec 18'

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    I will certainly have to update this thread post-vacation because there are just too many thoughts to get to on the fly...

    We just got back from the private sunset cruise. It was fantastic. Captain Gilado (that is wrong but close) was great. And we got to spend a fun, funny and relaxed couple of hours with our friend Jovane.

    We are already booked for April 2016 and if it were permitted, would book for the sunset cruise as well.

    I will need a few weeks (or more) to gush about Couples after this trip.

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    Oh my goodness...twice in one week at the Piano Bar sing-a-long with Paul (and there was the misfortune of the microphone being put in my hand!). It really is a great time there. Have a cocktail, throw caution to the wind and have fun. I channeled my inner Mick Jagger for a rousing (if not ragged) rendition of Satisfaction. (my apologies to Sir Mick)

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    Bert, thanks for sharing your trip with us. One of our favorite things to do is sit on the beach and listen to Donovan, we always enjoy his music. Thanks again. Jamaica come soon!

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    Bert, now that you've had time to reflect, any other words of wisdom from this last trip?

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