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    Default Weather for October-Rain??

    We are coming to CSA next week! Yes! We are so excited! We are very nervous though about the weather. When it says scattered showers, does that mean it will rain all day? When we checked the weather there is a 40-60% chance everyday next week. Is it enough rain to where we should reschedule?

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    October is the rainiest month in Jamaica. But you never know what will happen. It could rain a little bit every day or rain all day. We have been there in October and we did get a lot of rain but we still managed to have a wonderful time. I am a beach/sun person so it's surprising that I am saying that. They always say there is a 40-60 chance of rain most every day. When you see the tropical foliage, you'll understand. I say go. You are going to love it!

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    The weather reports always say scattered showers, it may rain for a 1/2 hour and then it is done. Go and enjoy!!!
    Irie Mon

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    we were just there from the 8th to the 12th. several afternoons it rained, sometimes heavy. that being said it was not all day nor did it ruin our vacation.


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    The weather always says rain. Don't worry, it typically doesn't rain all day and all night, they are brief showers. Grab something to eat or drink, jump into the hot tub, or run back to the room for a little afternoon delight.

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    Default nervous also

    We will be there this Friday and we are nervous about the weather. We have never been, but we are crossing our fingers and are not going to reschedule!

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    We have been there in Oct, there was a downpour about 1:30 every afternoon. Just head for a beach bar or a hot tub, and relax. After about 45 min the sun is back out and everyone is back on the beach.

    A few times we used that break to take a nap. Breaks up the day nicely.

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    We just got back from CTI. (October 5-10) and it only rained 1 morning from about 7-8am, then the sun came out. Other than that the weather was perfect!

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    My wife and I were there from Oct 11-17 ... it rained everyday but no worries. It would be awesome till about noon, we'd have about an hour of rain which was enough time to give my skin a break from the sun, go back to the room and have some fun, go grab some lunch, and were back in the sun in an hour or so.

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