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    Default Time to Weigh the Luggage

    Always an adventure. Seems like more often than not we end up shuffling stuff at check-in. And who needs 20 lbs of shoes?????

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    Yes, but that means you are very close to leaving! We've still over 100 days left
    Juliann & Jeff
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    We are at 40 Lbs on the checked bag. Don't want to be over the limit. I will have to watch the wife closely to make sure that to many shoes don't get in.Only 7 sleeps to go. Sans Souci here we come.

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    My wife always pushes the 50 lb limit. She is one of those that has all those shoes. Had to shuffle weight into our carry on backpacks one year too because we were over. Always an adventure.

    Life is good

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    The wife will weigh her bag tonight. Then I get to find out what I'm allowed to pack. 4 days!!! Happiness soon come!

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    Totally understand this Bob and Sandi. I was packing on Sunday and found a note I had left myself from last year not to bring so many shoes! I never end up wearing all of them. We're with you jhenderson. We'll be at CSS come Saturday!
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