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    Hi, I am visiting Couples Swept Away in May & I can't wait!!
    Can anyone tell me about the docking stations in the rooms, what IPod would I need?
    Any help gratefully received

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    When we were at CN and CSS the docking stations were for the old connection.

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    Agreed, the old connector. However, you should also bring along an AUX wire that can connect via the headphone jack. On our last trip, the connector on the docking station was worn and we had difficulty getting a good connection. If we had brought this extra cord we would have had an alternate means of connecting our iPod.

    Only 311 more days until we return to paradise

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    Are the Ipod docking stations updated for iPhones 5 or 6? We have both and are looking to enjoy some tunes, while at CSA.

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    Read the other posts. They have the old style Apple connector. Bring along a standard 3.5mm aux cable. You can connect any device that has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack to their docking station.

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